What the VAR said in the controversial hand of Brazil that was not sanctioned

One of the controversial plays of the match between the Colombia selection and Brazil it was a hand in the area that Colombia protested as a penalty but that the central judge Patrick Loustau it did not consider and neither did the VAR.

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This Monday, Conmebol published the audio of the analysis made by the VAR during the controversial action, in the match that ended 0-0 at the Metropolitano.

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The controversial move between Colombia and Brazil

At minute 66 of the game, after a corner kick, the ball thrown by Juan Fernando Quintero found the Brazilian striker Raphinha near the first post, hitting his hands, a fact that alarmed the Colombian players who were in the Brazilian area.

The commitment center, Patricio Loustau, stopped the game for a couple of minutes while waiting for the VAR to observe the play. A possible penalty was ruled out, generating the continuity of the game and causing the discontent of the Colombian players and fans.

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In its analysis, the VAR concluded that “the hand does not occupy a greater space in natural protective movement. The referee observes and allows the game to continue.”

“For me it hits the body,” Loustau says first.

The VAR and AVAR review the play from different angles. Finally, the VAR says: “The ball goes to the body, the player makes a move … he can play.”

Audios and video of the VAR in Colombia vs. Brazil

Colombia vs BrazilAnalysis of the VAR in Colombia vs. Brazil


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