What sanction will the footballer who injured Rojas receive?

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Aldair Rodríguez, an Alianza Lima player, was sent off directly in the match against Millonario and was not in front of Colo Colo last night.

© @ClubALOofficialThe Peruvian player was not in the Alianza Lima match against Colo Colo for the Cup.

A week passed after the chilling injury that Robert Rojas suffered in the match with Lima Alliance in Peru following a meaningless kick from behind the player aldair rodriguez. El Sicario underwent surgery over the weekend for a fractured tibia and fibula and after an unexpected cardiac event (coronary spasm) that alerted the doctors, the complementary studies did not show new complications and that’s why he was discharged yesterday morning from the Trinidad Clinic in San Isidro. Now, he will begin the rehabilitation that will require between three and three and a half months.

In the meantime, many fans are surely wondering what happened to Aldair Rodríguez, what sanction Conmebol applied to him for the infraction and if he can be in the rematch against the Peruvian team at the Monumental. And the answer is still not known. By direct expulsion, Rodríguez received two sanction dates: He missed the loss to Colo Colo and will also not be available next week against Fortaleza. But Conmebol has not yet terminated the event.

The South American Football Confederation notified Alianza Lima that there is an open process against Aldair Rodríguez to decide the final sanction and it will be known in the next seven days. Meanwhile, the Peruvian player will not act in the next Fortaleza due to the direct red card and the punishment imposed by Conmebol will depend on his presence in the Monumental on the last date of group F.

Aldair Rodríguez’s kick to Rojas

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What sanction will the footballer who injured Rojas receive?