What have been the best Atlas short tournaments?

With five dates to go to finish the regular season, Atlas is close to landing one of its best tournaments in 20 years.

The sum of 22 units that you have obtained Atlas In this tournament, it places him with a historic opportunity, after, with five dates to go, the Rojinegro team is 11 units away from achieving its best semester in the last 20 years.

Against this background, in ESPN Digital we remember the best semesters of the Atlas in the history of short tournaments.

Ricardo La Volpe

The team led by the ‘Bigotón’ remains to date with the historical record in short tournaments, after in the 1999 Winter Tournament it achieved a total of 38 units, in that team commanded by elements such as: Juan Pablo Rodríguez , Rafael Márquez, Miguel Zepeda and Daniel Osorno.

With the 22 points achieved, the current team of Diego Cocca, he will not be able to match Ricardo La Volpe’s mark, after despite having a perfect finish, he would be only one point away from matching the 1999 team’s mark.

Thomas Boy

The Mexican strategist lived two golden stages with the Rojinegros, being in the 2013 Clausura Tournament in which he placed the Guadalajara team at the highest in the last 10 years, after saving the team from relegation by achieving the figure of 32 units, with Omar Bravo, Miguel Pinto, Matías Vuoso and Rodrigo Millar as protagonists.

At the 2014 Apertura Tournament, the ‘Boss’ Boy again led the Atlas to the top, after getting a total of 31 units, falling two points away from breaking his own record with the Foxes.

Sergio Good

The Mexican strategist established himself with the third best record in the short tournaments for the Atlas, after getting 32 units in the 2004 Apertura Tournament, maintaining for 11 years the second place with the best semester with the Rojinegro team, until it was equaled by Tomás Boy himself.

Fernando Quirarte

The Sheriff was another of the strategists who managed to place the Rojinegro team at the top, after in the 2003 Clausura Tournament he added the amount of 31 units, placing it as the fifth place of the best teams of the Zorros in the stage of short tournaments.

Currently Diego Cocca has the opportunity to surpass the figure of the ‘Boss’ Boy, Sergio Bueno and Fernando Quirarte after the absence of 15 units, with only 11 points, the Argentine strategist could occupy the second place with the best record in the history of the tournaments shorts of Liga MX.