What happened to the reinforcements that shaped the Super Chivas 2.0?

What happened to the reinforcements that shaped the Super Chivas

Before the imminent departure of Madueña, we present you a balance of the performance of the eight reinforcements that arrived at the Guadalajara squad at the hands of Peláez

Jose Madueña was one of the reinforcements that arrived at Guadalajara in the project of Ricardo Peláez. The right wing defender is in the orbit of the Braves of Juarez and it will become another element that leaves the rojiblanca squad without providing the expected results.

Before his imminent departure to the border team, the defender will join Víctor Guzmán, José Juan Macías, Alexis Peña and José Juan Vázquez as the players who no longer remain at the Guadalajara, thus leaving only Jesús Angulo, Uriel Antuna and Cristian Calderón as the only survivors of the project.

On ESPN Digital We present the situation that the members of the calls are currently experiencing ‘Super Chivas 2.0’.

Jose Madueña

The right-back came as a shock from Jesús Sánchez. Despite having two different strategists in their passage through the Guadalajara, never managed to get a place in the 11 headline of Chivas, to such a degree that we only see activity in seven games between the League and the Copa Mx.

The fans reproached Ricardo Peláez for the permanence of the defender in the squad, so now he is going to try his luck at another club.

The rojiblanco canterano became the most important bet in the project of the Super Chivas 2.0, since his multifunctionality on the field, football generation and his sense of goal established him as the key piece for the stellar formation of the Guadalajara.

However, despite only playing three friendly matches prior to the start of the 2020 Apertura Tournament, the ‘Pocho’ failed to debut with Chivas, after giving a positive result in a doping test while he was active with Pachuca, for which the footballer was discharged.

The central arrived conditioned to the institution with the purchase of Cristian Calderón at Necaxa. Peña did not see action for a single minute in the first team, since it only had activity in the lower categories of the Guadalajara.

In addition to spending the night on the sports plane with Chivas, the footballer also joined the list of elements that in the project of Ricardo Peláez had extra-court problems, after being suspended after being involved in a party with other players on the team, which is why he was loaned to the team of Blue Cross.

Unlike his first stage with Chivas, the ‘Gallito’ did not manage to repeat the success story in his second process, since after three tournaments with the Guadalajara He did not regain ownership and had very little participation in the Sacred Rebaño midfield.

The lack of regularity in the sports field was put aside, after becoming another of the elements that was suspended by the institution, after being involved in a party with other elements of the campus, which is why the institution decided to send him on loan with the Toluca, a team where he currently plays and has had a modest step.

With the departure of Alan Pulido to MLS, Guadalajara thought of JJ Macías as the solution in attack and in three tournaments he played he scored a total of 16 annotations and one assist, becoming the institution’s top scorer.

Prior to the start of this tournament, the footballer managed to emigrate to Europe with the Getafe team from Spain. José Juan left without fulfilling the promise to leave the institution as champion, as he had agreed with the owner of the team, Amaury vergara.

The former player of the Necaxa has become one of the most prominent footballers in the era of Super Chivas 2.0, free of extra-court problems and with acceptable performance on the pitch, the ‘Canelo’ has scored a total of seven touchdowns and three assists since his arrival in Guadalajara for the 2020 Clausura Tournament.

He is currently a valuable player in the squad of Victor Manuel Vucetich And the good time he is living has led him to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, as one of the most important elements in Jaime Lozano’s scheme.

The offensive midfielder became one of the most important bets for the institution ahead of the 2020 Clausura Tournament and despite the fact that his performance on the pitch has been good, adding eight assists and six goals, his numbers have been overshadowed by different extra court problems.

In his first tournament, he appeared in an entertainment magazine for an alleged infidelity, later he starred with Alexis Vega in an indiscipline plus breaking the Covid-19 protocol and uploading some videos to networks while intoxicated, and in the past semester he assured in an interview that he would like to play in Europe before becoming champion with Chivas, for which he was severely questioned by the fans.

The left-back arrived as one of the most important reinforcements in the project of Ricardo PeláezHowever, he was not oblivious to extra-court issues, after he was caught at a popular festival in a town near Guadalajara, where he was singing and sharing the stage with a musical group, for which he was fined and went to the bank in some games.

After a difficult start, Calderon became one of the goal men of Guadalajara, generating a total of seven annotations during his time at Chivas, of which three goals were against America in the Quarterfinals of Guard1anes 2020, goals that led him to become the figure of the team.

Despite living highlights in the ancestor tournament, the ‘Chicote’ lost the title in the previous season and his performance only allowed him to add a few minutes with Guadalajara to such a degree that he was left out of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.