What does Guillermo Ochoa envy Keylor Navas and what does Keylor Navas envy Guillermo Ochoa?

Guillermo Ochoa and Keylor Navas will meet again on the field of the Azteca Stadium and before the duel we mention that they envy each other

Mexico will collide this Sunday against Costa Rica on the field of the Azteca Stadium. The duel, of vital importance for the Tricolor, will be one where the goalkeepers take part of the spotlight, since both Guillermo Ochoa and Keylor Navas are two very renowned goalkeepers.

then in ESPNDigital We present what one goalkeeper can envy to another and vice versa.

What Guillermo Ochoa envies Keylor Navas

Playing in two teams of international stature Navas’ CV highlights his time at Real Madrid and PSG. Both teams are the most important in their respective leagues and are known worldwide, a situation that influenced the Costa Rican to be one of the most popular goalkeepers in the world since 2014, when he arrived in the Spanish capital after passing through Levante .

Winning the UEFA Champions League and the Club World Cup During his time at Real Madrid, Navas garnered countless team and individual titles. Among his group honors, three UEFA Champions League and four Club World Cups stand out. These championships are among the most important and coveted by all footballers.

Reaching the quarterfinals of the World Cup One of the most important achievements of Costa Rica was sneaking into the quarterfinals of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. In said fair, the Ticos qualified as first place in Group D above Uruguay, Italy and England . Already in the direct elimination phase, they beat Greece on penalties in the round of 16 and fell in the quarterfinals to the Netherlands on penalties 4-3. Meanwhile, Mexico has never reached the fifth game with Ochoa in goal.

Important individual distinctions In the same way as the group titles, Navas accumulates dozens of individual trophies like Ochoa, although there are some notable differences in the individual titles that the Tico has, for example, twice he was named the third best goalkeeper in the world according to the IFFHS, was twice the best goalkeeper in Concacaf, was UEFA goalkeeper of the year, best goalkeeper in LaLiga and was in the ideal team of the UEFA Champions League in 2017-18.

What Keylor Navas envies Guillermo Ochoa

Winning the Gold Cup One of the points in favor of the Mexican goalkeeper is that in the national team he has titles with his team, contrary to Navas, who although he can boast his fifth game in a World Cup, has not won anything with the Ticos. Meanwhile, Ochoa won the Gold Cup, the most important tournament in Concacaf, repeatedly, since he won it in 2009, 2011, 2015 and 2019.

Best Teammates With the previous point, Ochoa has better teammates than Navas. Although the Tico is a world figure, the rest of his companions have little experience in other latitudes outside of Costa Rica.Contrary to Mexico, which has players in Europe and the Liga MX is more competitive than the Costa Rican one.

Olympic Medal Another point that Navas may have against Memo is the bronze medal that the Mexican won at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where the Tricolor Sub-23 won third place and where the goalkeeper was one of the team’s reinforcements commanded by Jaime Lozano.

Second best goalkeeper in a World Cup In the same way, although the individual distinctions are more and of better quality for Navas, Ochoa has one that can be very special, and that is that he was the second best goalkeeper in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, this due to his great performances. It should be noted that in said World Cup fair, the Ticos did not pass the group stage.

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What does Guillermo Ochoa envy Keylor Navas and what does Keylor Navas envy Guillermo Ochoa?