What Cruz Azul and Chivas gain or lose with the Antuna-Mayorga exchange for Roberto Alvarado

ESPN presents the advantages and disadvantages for Cruz Azul and Chivas if the exchange is finalized, whose negotiation advanced positively this Friday

The exchange between Cruz Azul and Chivas involving Roberto Alvarado for Uriel antuna Y Alejandro mayorga is close to being realized, if all the parties involved reach an agreement, and it is that ESPN was able to confirm that the negotiations advanced in a positive way this Friday.

Given this, in ESPN Digital we present you what Cruz Azul and Chivas earn with the exchange.

Blue Cross

Two elements

It seems obvious, but the ‘Machine’ would be made with two players with vast experience in their area. Antuna, for her part, has Olympic and national team experience and there are few elements with her speed in that position.

While, Mayorga is a left-back who showed good things in Pumas and took ownership with the auriazules. With the Flock he alternated the ownership, but he has conditions at just 24 years old.


It is the disadvantage of Antuna, and it is that the player also stood out in Chivas for his bad behavior, a situation that led to some indiscipline and punishments by the rojiblanca directive.

Higher speed

With the arrival of Antuna, Juan Reynoso could have greater speed through the right meadow and supply balls to his forward centers such as Jonathan Rodríguez or Santiago Giménez. Both battering rams would benefit from the centers that Antuna can provide.

In addition, with the departure of Orbelín Pineda, they would not have fast players so it would have a good impact on Reynoso’s scheme.

Greater competitiveness

The incursion of Antuna and Mayorga in the Machine would lead to increase the competitiveness of the players, who fell into a bump after winning the championship at Guard1anes 2021.


Meet Peláez

Alvarado and Ricardo Peláez, sports president of the herd, are old acquaintances, since they both coincided when the manager was part of the Machine, so he knows their qualities well and they have a good relationship.

Would join Olympic medalists

The ‘Piojo’ would join Alexis Vega, Fernando Beltrán and Jesús Ricardo Angulo, with whom he shared almost a month after they were all chosen by Jaime Lozano to play the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

They lose speed

If Antuna goes out they lose a pure sprinter, and although the ‘Piojo’ is unbalanced, his speed is lower and is comparable to that of Alexis Vega or Isaac Brizuela, so there would be no noticeable difference in changes of pace.

They close competitiveness on the left side

Mayorga, Miguel Ponce and Cristian Calderón are the elements that develop as left backs, so Alejandro’s departure would leave the other two elements in a closed competition for the position.. On the one hand, it can benefit Mayorga to play more, although he had won the title at the end of the contest.


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What Cruz Azul and Chivas gain or lose with the Antuna-Mayorga exchange for Roberto Alvarado