“What a rebound for Ancelotti and with good reason”

In the 84th minute, Carlo Ancelotti, still having Jovic on the bench (he would come out moments later for Benzema), decided to enter Mariano. He left for Vinicius, so he had to play away from the area, participating in both creation and destruction. His will was undeniable, as in a play that fought the ball which side in his own corner, but in the short time he enjoyed he had time to drive his coach crazy. His drive and lack of judgment were to blame.

“What a rebound for Ancelotti and with good reason”, said Antonio Romero, narrator of ‘Carrusel Deportivo’, when the Hispanic he passed power in a band change to Peter Federico, another of those who came in for refreshments at the last minute. The play invited the counterattack, with Athletic turned in search of the tie and could have meant the final 1-3. Carletto He could not contain himself, leaving an image that, yes, may well be a mere anecdote.

In the end it had no impact on the scoreboard, since the whites, clinging to a saving Courtois one more day, they kept 1-2 gestated in the first nine minutes, the time it took Benzema to make a double, with the first to frame, and Sancet to draw a masterpiece at the height of that of the lionés moments before. Karim’s pause and precision collides with the pressure to please his substitutes: Jovic and our protagonist.

The Serbian had the 1-3 in his boots, when Peter Federico reached the baseline and put up a death pass that left Luka alone at the penalty spot. The left-handed shot was bitten off and cleared by the defense. Mariano, as we say, played further from the attacking point than usual, but both wasted the opportunity to send a message to Ancelotti. Mariano, in fact, caused a rebound to the coach …

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“What a rebound for Ancelotti and with good reason”