“We often have to stop Gavi”

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The striker of the Spanish team scored the only goal for Luis Enrique’s team against Germany

“I think that since we have been with the coach nobody has hit the line”

He is one of Luis Enrique’s ‘soldiers’. One of those names that whenever he is called up by the Asturian does not fail. Álvaro Morata scored his second goal in the world Cup against Germany after entering the pitch in the second half. It was 1-0, in the end it did not give victory, but it could be key to the future of Group E.

The Atlético de Madrid striker has spoken for the microphones of ‘El Partidazo de COPE’. “I think that since we have been with the coach, nobody has hit on an alignment. He tells us on the bus going to the stadium. It keeps us plugged in, it’s a motivation. It’s changing. Sometimes he puts it on the board, other times he starts the talk and it depends on the moves. Sometimes mention by lines. It’s changing”.

Regarding Gavi’s impetus, Morata assures that “We often have to stop Gavi. The other day he gave me one without the ball in training…He goes like a wild boar in training. That’s good for us, for the group. Stick everywhere. Yesterday he hurt himself trying to hit someone. I am proud that I can be here for many years.”


Morata has his ‘coach’ in Doha: “With my coach I visualize everything, I relax. If you prepare to live the two games as a starter, then I’ll visualize it with him. I live it before it happens. Since I’ll be on the bench, etc. It is a way of managing emotions”.

Regarding the differences and similarities between the ‘Cholo’ Simeone and Luis Enrique, he has commented that “In the end, I’m very lucky to have Cholo at Atleti. They are very different in many ways and similar in others. The main difference is the way of playing. The similarity that they are motivators and that if they tell you to stop a train, you do.”

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“We often have to stop Gavi”