We avoid Croatia, Brazil and Argentina

400 years ago, the feudal lord Date Masamune ordered an expedition to Europe, the Keicho embassy, ​​headed by the famous samurai Hasekura Tsunenaga. The intention was to establish diplomatic relations with the old continent. The ship reached Europe going up the Guadalquivir through Coria del Rio (Seville) and continued to Rome passing through Barcelona. Some of the samurai who were escorting the embassy decided to stay in Coria del Rio and married Sevillanas. They had children and instead of giving them the father’s surname they simplified with the origin. This is how the last name began Japanwhich still exists and has given rise to such illustrious figures as the referee Japón Sevilla, the businessman Marcelo Japan or the politician Jose Manuel Suarez Japan.

Date Masamune He was one of the most important daimyo of JapanThey called him the ‘one-eyed dragon’. That embassy failed because as heretics – non-Christians – they failed to seal trade agreements or reach the Vatican. Until two centuries later, Japan did not send another embassy.

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This selection from Japan is the heir to the ‘one-eyed dragon’ and this time its mission did result in success. Japan defeated Spain (21-1) showing that the attitude and honor for soccer is above the name.

The only positive part, on paper, is that the Spanish team goes through as second in the group and avoids Croatia, Brazil Y Argentina. The red one continues for the good part of the box facing Morocco, Portugal Y France. A priori. Because the Spanish team played walking throughout the first half and Luis Enrique thought that it was not necessary to give rest to Busquets, Elm, Gavi, Pedro, Rodri… and against Japan you needed fresh people.

Honors for Germany. They were summoned for the final in Doha and thanks to the generosity and professionalism of Germany, Spain continues in the World Cup. The Germans were able to let themselves go, everyone was aware in the field that Spain was losing with Japan and they were out. The Spanish bench received the second every goal from Costa Rica, every goal from Germany. They looked at the exhausted Pedro Y Busquets to the bench looking for confirmation that Germany was winning, that they were not giving up, that they were not being sent home. Because Spain went out to win the game but after scoring the goal they dedicated themselves to living the match as a training session. And this in a World Cup penalizes a lot.

The referee added ten minutes to satisfy the party desires of the orderly Japanese fans, who cried watching their heroes enjoy themselves like those manga they grew up with. Oliver Y Benji today they would have more slanted eyes because they would be Doan Y Tanakathe protagonists of the cartoons with the most wonderful plays are two soccer players who have grown up watching Messi Y Cristiano Ronaldo and have learned a lot from them.

The red could not with the heirs of the Keicho embassy, ​​those samurai who undertook a trip to Europe seeking glory. heirs of Date Masamunethe feudal lord who did the most for Sendai, the city he founded and where Iniesta now lives and plays.

The path of selection Luis Enrique is now supposedly easier. But Morocco is not won by walking. Heads down, tired, very tired, that’s how Spain left the grass. Japan jumping, happy, kneeling, rolling on the grass. Happy because that embassy, ​​the football one, has indeed triumphed in Doha.

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We avoid Croatia, Brazil and Argentina