We are not going to the final, but there is Selection

We are not going to the final but there is

This time on penalties we got the cross. Already in the previous double draw (the first to choose the goal, the second to choose the order of shots) Chiellini won Jordi Alba. Then things started very well, with Unai stopping Locatelli first down to the right, like the two you stopped at Swiss; then successes and failures alternated until reaching the one Donnarumma stopped Morata who gave way to Jorginho’s final. Italy will play on Sunday against whoever wins the England-Denmark tonight, but Spain has a selection again. During the match it was better than Italy, surpassed for the first time in the championship by its rival.

Yes, we have Selection and we have selector. The team that we have seen these weeks is more than the sum of their individualities. There are no prominent figures in him, apart from the veteran Sergio Busquets, which has been immense, but they are all easy-foot players, devoted to pressure, supportive and well-disposed. Something is missing in both areas, especially in his own. This team takes over the field and the ball, erases the rivals, but the few times they attack it there is damage in the area. The center-backs are chosen more for their good handling than for their ability to paint the line and Unai Simón maintains borders of youthful insecurity.

But even with that, Spain should have beaten this Italy that had been dazzling and that yesterday was inferior. Ours had control in the first half and if at the beginning of the second they played with a rush that gave way to a runner who scored the goal of Chiesa, they were redone, they tied (for Morata) and scorched Italy until the end and in the first part of the extension. In the second, already without Busquets and all exhausted, the party agonized towards a balance line. Penalties leave us out, but this team comes back prestigious. This group of young people, many still semi-unknown, make up in the hands of Luis Enrique a great project.