Vucetich confessed to Reyna that the Chivas players did not understand where they were standing

The former player affirmed that from his point of view Guadalajara does not have a squad according to the demands of the institution

Chivas He has accumulated four years without lifting a league title and in this tournament he marches in place number 12 in the table scratching a ticket to the playoffs, the rojiblancos fired Victor Manuel Vucetich for the bad results but Angel Reyna In a conversation with ESPN, he considers that ‘El Rey Midas’ and the other coaches who have passed through the Flock are not responsible for the bad times in Verde Valle.

“I think it is not the fault of the coaches because a coach like Almeyda came and did very well and then when he left they fell to the bottom, once I found myself Vucetich in a hotel leaving the classic where they had lost against America and he desperately told me that the players did not understand him, that the players did not get the idea, that players didn’t really understand where they were standingIt was a short but forceful talk, Vucetich and I were together in Monterrey and I had a great team with great players who grasped the idea of ​​playing very quickly and we knew where we were standing, we knew what we had to play and how we had to win something that they never understood in Guadalajara, I think this goes beyond the coach, it is a matter of ideologies from basic forces, I think they have been left with the idea that the eternal Chivas and the great characters of the club have to be there with the same ideas and very personally I believe that it is not the best, it is time to change, to revolutionize the ideology, passion and values ​​of the club “.

On the other hand Queen stated that from his point of view the Guadalajara It does not have a staff according to the demands of the institution, and also pointed out that historically the herd’s dressing room is one of the most complicated in Mexico.

“Yes Chivas is an institution of Mexican cigars should have the best and the best Mexicans are not there in Guadalajara It’s that simple, egos will always be Mexican or foreign, when I was there in Chivas I was touched by many egos and many envies despite the fact that we are Mexican and we are colleagues, I was touched by many envies despite that and that is the day to day and with that you live and nothing happens because you get used to it and you bear it, nowadays I think Chivas It does not have even 20% of the best Mexican players in its squad and so it will be very difficult for them to aspire to something important. “

Queen played almost two years in Chivas and he hopes that they will soon return to the first places and considers that the key will be to work wisely and close ranks for the good of the club and not for personal gain.

“It is necessary to have that brotherhood (within Chivas) and above all a certain loyalty among Mexicans and above all among colleagues, there are many envies and unfortunately envy is winning, the sun rises for everyone and if you want more warmth you have to put yourself to pull and work more, not just want what has the another so easily because it is difficult for all of us to get things but many want to destroy them, I think that the Mexican has great potential and I believe in the Mexican in all areas but we have to help each other and believe in each other “, Reyna ended for ESPN.