Video: El Tri players decided to try the “anti-sex” beds from the Tokyo Olympics

Video El Tri players decided to try the anti sex beds
Video: El Tri players decided to try the “anti-sex” beds from the Tokyo Olympics

The Aztec team comes from thrashing France 4-1.

Photo: MARIKO ISHIZUKA / AFP / Getty Images

Opening ceremony marked the start of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Great sports stories are about to take shape in the Asian country. But nevertheless, curiosities will not stop being part of the event. One of the most striking aspects is the anti-sex beds in the Olympic Village. However, players of The Tri They decided to end the myth that surrounds these cardboard beds.

The players of the Mexican team, Jesús Angulo, Adrián Mora and Joaquín Esquivel they decided to conduct their own tests on these cardboard beds. The football players they were thrown in them to check their stability. After they were filmed, the Aztec players were able to check the firmness of the beds.

Anti-sex beds caused a sensation at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The reason why the Organizing Committee decided to implement these properties responds to measures against COVID-19. In this sense, they decided to include in the Olympic Village more than 18,000 cardboard beds to prevent sexual intercourse between athletes. In theory the beds only support the weight of one person, but the El Tri players proved otherwise.

Even another significant feature is that later the beds after the event can be recycled. This is one more measure for the residential complex built in Harumi. The authorities of the International Olympic Committee they want to avoid the accumulation of people as much as possible. The organizers have asked the participating athletes to be kept in the Villa’s facilities for a very short time, namely, five days before competing and then they must leave two days after their discipline ends.

In sports matters, Mexico started with the right foot its participation in the Olympic tournament. El Tri managed to beat André Pierre Gignac’s French team. Their next match will be next Sunday, July 25, against the host team. Japan has just beaten South Africa 1-0, the other member of Group A.

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