Victoria came back from Real Sociedad in Tocoa and returns to the fight for the top of the Clausura tournament


The Crabs of Victory They continue to show that they do not believe in anyone and want to seal their presence at the big party and for this they have achieved an important 3-1 victory in their visit to the Real society at Francisco Martinez de Tocoa.

The Ceibeño team began paddling against the current from the 14th minute of the first half, after jamal charles take advantage of a collective play and beat Edward Flores.

The fight and dedication are one of the aspects that highlight the teams of Solomon Nazar and before the end of the first half, striker Luis Hurtado took advantage of his speed and before the goalkeeper came out, he defined it with quality.

For the second part, the two technicians began to move their benches and one of the many of the crabs was on his bench. The first few minutes were full of struggle and frictioned football marked by the cards.

The comeback of the team from Ceiba came in the final minutes of the match, where at 88 minutes, Damín Ramírez made it 2-1 after a ball filtered into the area and with a strong shot he beat Mariano Pineda.

With the score in their favour, the Tocoa team went looking for a tie, but Victoria took advantage of it and Alexy Vega He was in charge of putting the definitive one with a shot from outside the area.

This victory will allow Victoria to remain in second position with 21 points during this break of the FIFA date and then be able to receive Motagua at home.



Edward Flores, José Mariano Pineda, Deyron Martínez, Klifox Bernárdez, Sonny Fernández, Maynor Antúnez, Yeer Gutiérrez, Déster Mónico, Delson Figueroa, Cristopher Urmeneta, Akeem Garnet Roach and Jamal Charles.

goals: jamal charles

Yellow Cards: Déster Mónico, Jeer Gutiérrez, Roni Martínez; Maynor Antunez

Changes: Roni Martínez x Delson Figueroa, Déster Ventura x Akeem Roach, Franco Güity x Jamal Charles; Daniel Rocha x Déster Mónico and Edder Delgado x Cristopher Urmeneta.


Edward Flores, José Colón, Hilder Colón, Samuel Córdova, Allan Banegas; Kenny Bodden, Damín Ramíerez, Marcelo Espinal, Óscar Suazo, Yahudel Lahera and Luis Hurtado

goals: Luis Hurtado, Damín Ramírez and Alexy Vega.

Yellow cards: José Colón, Hilder Colón, Óscar Suazo; Allan Banegas

Changes: Carlos Róchez x Kenny Bodden, Marco Vega x Luis Hurtado, Alexy Vega for Marcelo Espinal, Arnaldo Urbina x Carlos Róchez and Marcelo Canales x Yahudel Lahera.

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Victoria came back from Real Sociedad in Tocoa and returns to the fight for the top of the Clausura tournament