Vargas ‘sang the table’ to several players and left advice to Rueda

In talk with El Lengua, from Caracol Radio, the ex-footballer Fabian Vargas He was surprised by the reaction of Johan Mojica and Jhon Córdoba, who with messages on social networks made their position clear in the face of another absence in the list of the Colombian National Team. Vargas, who wore the tricolor shirt, left an advice to Reinaldo Rueda.

This Tuesday, the Colombian National Team announced the list of those called up for the triple date of the South American Qualifying, where they will face Bolivia, Paraguay and Chile. However, not having appeared among those called by Rueda, annoyed Johan mojica and Jhon Cordoba, who reacted with airy claims on their social networks.

Fabián Vargas, a former soccer player with a past in the Colombian National Team, was surprised by the reaction of the players. It should be remembered that on the last qualifying date the one who showed his annoyance was James Rodriguez, who was not included this time. “What I saw has surprised me. They are following a bad example and that door was opened by James with his claims that he made on the networks, it does not seem right to me. If you don’t like it, call the technician and tell him, but leave with claims of Tantrum children, when they don’t get things and want to complain to their dad, I don’t understand. “

And he continued: “They will have all their right to speak and that is not taken away by anyone. It seems to me that they do more damage to the National Team and what they do is close a door, go out to make such claims. A door opened that ‘Rei’ has to close it, because he can’t allow anyone who thinks they can be in the National Team to throw that kind of tantrum “.

Finally, Vargas said that the national coach must show authority. “He is the one who decides who he needs and one as a player has to accept it. Being me, I would set a precedent because I believe that that door has to be closed immediately. Now everyone who thinks that he has to be in the National Team cannot be allowed, go out and cry because they don’t summon it. “