Uriel Antuna: ‘I identified with Cruz Azul, that’s why I chose him’

Uriel Antuna said that he chose to come to Cruz Azul due to the type of game that, he believes, suits his style.

MEXICO – The new player of Blue Cross, Uriel antuna, came to Mexico City to become a new element of La Maquina. Upon arrival, and with the blue team clothing, he assured that he never had any doubts about wanting to wear the cement colors.

“The only thing I knew was that he loved me Blue Cross and it was the first one I chose because it is a big club, ”Antuna said at the Mexico City International Airport.

The now ex-soccer player of the Chivas assured that the style of play carried out by the team, which leads Juan Reynoso, it can benefit you on the way you move on the field.

“I identified myself in a certain way and I felt that it adapted a lot to my type of game as well, then, to hit everything. I am happy, happy, it is a new challenge and to represent the club ”, he declared.

“It is a difficult, complicated challenge, but I am 100% committed to giving it my all on the field and off the field as well,” said Antuna.

For its part, Alejandro mayorga, who also arrived with Antuna and he comes from the flock, he stated that it is an honor for him to wear his third shirt for a big team.

“I am very happy to arrive here (Blue Cross), it is the third team of the greats that I have to wear the shirt, so I am very happy, very proud and may very good things come for the team, “he said.

The left-back assured that his quality in the field has rewarded him with reaching La Maquina.

“Obviously, it is not a coincidence that I am wearing a shirt from one of the biggest teams, it makes me feel good, proud, happy and excited, and I am sure that we are going to achieve great things,” said Mayorga.

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Uriel Antuna: ‘I identified with Cruz Azul, that’s why I chose him’