United hit it at home against a good Aston Villa

ANDl Manchester United adds his first setback of the season in the English league. The Aston Villa I managed to emerge victorious from Old trafford deservedly after a great game from the players of Dean smith. Bruno had the opportunity to put the tie on the scoreboard at the end of the match from the penalty spot. The Portuguese sent him to the stands in a ruling that would give a lot to talk about, since Christian he was on the grass to throw it away.

Those of Solskjaer they began timidly dominating the game. The Norwegian decided to do without Sancho to put Pogba on the left wing. The truth is that the former Dortmund player has not yet managed to show his best version for which he paid 85 million euros. However, the decision to move Paul away from midfield was something like shooting himself in the foot. The Frenchman found himself lost far from the creation zone and the locals noticed him.

Christian lurked from afar the concierge of Emiliano Martinez and Bruno I constantly tried to filter passes and put in dangerous crosses. However, Aston Villa did not come to Manchestego for a walk. The clearest came from the visiting team, who after a good wall on the right wing. Matthew cash He put a low and measured center for Targett to finish off an empty goalkeeper. Surprisingly the marker did not move. From here on, Aston Villa began to press up with good pressure that put Maguire and Varane as well as Maguire in trouble on several occasions. From Gea, who had to intervene on several occasions to avoid the goal.

United were alert in the final minutes of the first half with two headshots from the English central defender himself and from Pogba. Quite the opposite happened in the return of the players from the dressing room tunnel. With inexhaustible gasoline, the Aston Villa he kept pushing in the second half and deserved the goal in various stages. The team of Manchester He couldn’t really wake up throughout the game despite the fact that the match was a constant give and take and a frenetic clash.

The feeling was that the Aston Villa was better and this was certified with the goal of Hause in the 88th minute after a great header from behind in a corner kick. When the game seemed that it did not give for more, the central himself returned to be decisive, but this time in his area after touching with his hand a Cavani shot. Penalty that Bruno throws into the clouds and the United adds his first setback in the Premier , wasting Chelsea’s puncture against City in a gray match at Old Trafford.

Bruno missed the maximum penalty with Cristiano in the field

The image of the match was starred by the two Portuguese from Manchester. In the 92nd minute of the match and with the locals losing, Bruno I assumed the responsibility of signing the tie from the penalty spot. The surprise was that Christian it wasn’t the pitcher. No other occasion is remembered in which in a decisive move CR7 has not imposed himself to take responsibility for his own foot. Being teammates, everything indicates that Ronaldo I left the penalty to Bruno. The outcome of the play will give much to talk about.

Bruno being consoled by his companions.