United are not in a hurry with Varane

1626970008 United are not in a hurry with Varane

Lthe cards are already on the table but the end of the game is long overdue. As MARCA reported this week, the central defender of Real Madrid, after reaching a principle in accordance with the UnitedHe was now waiting for the two clubs to agree to settle his departure from the white club after ten years of success. The white club is about to transfer him if he does not want to renew and its transfer represents a good sale for the club’s accounts, which have returned to a positive balance despite the severe reduction in income due to the pandemic, but which are grateful for a sale that they hope will be around at least 50 million euros.

It is a more than interesting operation for Madrid, which paid ten million on his day to Lens for the transfer, but United, however, does not look like they are going to close the deal that easily. With a year of contract ahead, from Old trafford They want to lower the starting price and they know that the best way to do it is to let time go by with the idea that the quantity drops and the white club ends up accepting the offer.

Madrid ‘pamper’ Varane on his tenth birthday as a white player

Varane’s idea was that everything would be solved when before But it is more than likely that he will begin training tomorrow under Ancelotti after his vacation. The coach is aware of all movements and he knows that the normal thing is that he cannot count on the French for the next season, but the player has a contract and will be one more until his situation is resolved.

Varane, as MARCA has been telling, does not want to force the situation and exhaust his contract with the white club to go free in June 2022. It is true that for him it would be the easiest way to achieve the best contract with the freedom card in hand, but his idea is to renew with Real Madrid with a proposal that suits him. what he considers fairer based on the salaries of the heavyweights on the roster and his weight on the team all these past years, or to make effective the offer that he has from United that is superior to the one that Real Madrid transferred to him before the European Championship.