Transfer market, live: Mourinho thinks about Ramos, Harry Kane doubts if the best thing is to leave the Spurs; link Gosens with Barcelona …

1624266597 Transfer market live Mourinho thinks about Ramos Harry Kane doubts

LThe group stage is coming to an end and the first classified teams are already appearing. In the same way, the clubs are already beginning to outline a good part of their squad, but there is still a lot of fabric to cut and a long summer ahead. Here we tell you all the news about the transfer market. Let’s start looooooooooot !!

Live transfer market, today Monday, June 21

11.04 Donnarumma is already ‘almost’ of PSG

Transfer market live Mourinho thinks about Ramos Harry Kane doubts

The Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio has just stated that the goalkeeper of the Italian team, Gigio Donnarumma, would already be undergoing a medical examination with the Parisian club in a clinic in the Italian capital, accompanied by Gianluca Vialli and Professor Ferretti.

Donnarumma, against Ramsey during yesterday's game

Donnarumma, against Ramsey during yesterday’s gameEFE

10.50 Calhanoglu, the eternal rival?


The Eurocup of the Turkish player from Milan has not been anything good. Neither yours nor that of the national team, that has been surpassed by all and each of the teams he has faced with almost no resistance.

However, from the Gazzetta dello Sport they warn that the neighbors and eternal rivals of the rossoneri and reigning Serie A champions could have taken a very important step towards Hakan Calhanoglu’s services.

Calhanoglu, with the Turkish national team

Calhanoglu, with the Turkish national teamEFE

From Italy they point out that their arrival could be an essential reinforcement while waiting for what happens with the state of health of Christian eriksen. However, according to the British newspaper Express, Arsenal could also be interested in the Milan player.

10.41 Pogba and Kante leave ‘reinforced’

1624266594 117 Transfer market live Mourinho thinks about Ramos Harry Kane doubts

The French team’s midfield has two of the players with the best market today. Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante. And that is why both United and Chelsea they don’t want to hear about possible departures from their disciplines. However, one sounds louder than the other.

It is not new that Pogba has never finished curdling with Manchester United. Above all, because it has always been very irregular and has not consumed a season to frame in any year. That is why there is always talk of a possible way out. The latter link you to your hypothetical return to Juve, as a barter for Cristiano, or even with the PSG, who seems to want to sign all the players in the world.

Pogba, in France's last game against Hungary

Pogba, in France’s last game against HungaryEFE

Well, United seem to want to put an end to all the rumors and it seems that they will make a renewal offer effective, as Chelsea have already announced with Kante (in this case, for his great merits and triumphs achieved). According to The Sun, he wants to make him the highest paid player in the Premier, through a contract of 104 million pounds for five years.

10.23 Gosens and the supposed interest of Barça

1624266595 351 Transfer market live Mourinho thinks about Ramos Harry Kane doubts

The arrival of Joan Laporta to Barcelona has meant an absolute revolution for the Barça club. There were things to change and, above all, to renew. The aspect related to the transfers does not seem to be going bad, with the free arrivals of Agüero, Eric García and Memphis Depay… And except for the stumble of Wijnaldum, Everything is going well.

The fact is that too many players link him, something that on the other hand is normal, when there is hardly any money in the coffers to face payments. The last one has been Robin gosens, who has already stood out with Atalanta and continues to do so during the Eurocup with his Germany team. According to the German newspaper Sport 1, the azulgrana club would have already contacted with the player.

10.14 Harry Kane’s Doubts

1624266595 552 Transfer market live Mourinho thinks about Ramos Harry Kane doubts

Stay or go away to play Champions. Feelings sometimes take precedence over many other things, but Harry Kane’s they are still not entirely clear. He is making a more than discreet Eurocup and, who knows if the fact of not knowing his future may be affecting him so that his performance is optimal.

The point is that, although spurs they have already put a price on it, around 120 million pounds, of the candidates who might be interested, only the City I could have enough conviction to sign him. But there is still nothing clear about it.

10.09 Mourinho thinks of Sergio Ramos … but he is not the only one


The fact that Camas is a free agent could be good news for many teams that, despite the age of the former Real Madrid center-back, can see with good eyes the arrival of his experience and honor. One who is looking for a central, for the possible departure of Smalling to the Premier is Jose Mourinho, which from Italy already suggest that Ramos could be a great addition to the Roman club.

And all that, if he Manchester United allows it, because according to various English media, there are some clubs, specifically the Red Devils, who would be more than interested in bringing in the former Madrid player to reinforce their defense next year in which they play Champions.