Transfer Market 2021, in the best style of video games

Renowned figures have changed teams or are very close to doing so, in a transfer window that is historic and surprising

The movements in the transfer market this summer have left changes that have left football fans with their mouths open, as it was thought that they could only see them made “reality” in a video game.

Here are the movements that have shaped an unforgettable transfer market:

Lionel Messi to PSG

The output of Lionel messi Barcelona was something that seemed distant, but when he finished his contract with the Barça team, the unknown began of where his future would be and finally he found the Paris Saint-Germain.

This movement monopolized the spotlight, since the player reached an agreement with the club for two seasons, for which he will remain until 2023 and has now worked with the team.

Even his possible debut for next Sunday as a visitor against Reims has generated that the tickets for the game have been sold out and as if that were not enough there is a record of requests from media from all over the world to cover the meeting.

Kylian Mbappè, close to Real Madrid

The possible arrival of Kylian Mbappé to the Real Madrid is another of the issues that have stolen attention, since there is the possibility that it will leave the Paris Saint-Germain to join the Spanish team.

The goal of the white team is to get the services of the player and before this it has already made two offers, the first was for 160 million euros and the second was for 180, but the response of the PSG.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi, president of the French team, has been adamant about the possible departure of Mbappe, “I think we have been very clear in our position”, but the possibility remains and this is one of the issues that have garnered spotlight on the scoreboard this summer.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester City’s option

Crisriano ronaldo is another of the dominant elements in the world of football and according to reports by Rodrigo Fáez, correspondent for ESPN, the player is close to reaching an agreement to become the new element of the Manchester City.

It even points out that Cristiano Ronaldo He has already had telephone contact with strategist Pep Guardiola, which is why the possibility of the player returning to the Premier League is close.

This would represent a dream event, because a former Real Madrid figure would join with a former Barcelona figure such as Guardiola, who, if realized, will stand out because he will be the strategist who has had the opportunity to lead two world football figures, already that he did it with Lionel Messi in the Barça team and now he could find the Portuguese, who could be close to saying goodbye to Juventus.

Dream template

Among the movements in this marked summer highlights the dream team that has assembled the Paris Saint-Germain, since at the beginning is the arrival of Lionel Messi, who has already worked with the team and has met again with Nyemar, after they played together at Barcelona.

Sergio Ramos, who came out of Real Madrid After a successful 16-year career, it is another of the reinforcements of the French team that exalt the squad for this 2021.

They are joined by goalkeeper Guanluigi Donnarumma, Achraf and Georgino Wijnaldum, who will fight alongside their new teammates to keep the team in the foreground and achieve goals set by the club.

Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea

Romelu Lukaku also captured the spotlight in the transfer market with his arrival of Chelsea after being crowned in Serie A with Inter Milan last season.

The Chelsea had considered the possibility of signing other players before Lukaku, but they finally decided on him and the player said in a statement that “I am happy and blessed to be back at this wonderful club.”

Lukaku helped Inter win their first Serie A title in more than a decade in the 2020-2021 season, in which he scored 30 goals in all competitions, was named League MVP and will now seek to respond in his return to the draw of the Premier League.

Raphael Varane, to Manchester United

With various titles achieved in his career such as the World Cup, La Liga and Champions League, among others, the French Raphael varane became a reinforcement of Manchester United, after his time at Real Madrid.

“Manchester United is one of the most iconic clubs in world football and having the chance to come here and play in the Premier League is something that I couldn’t refuse,” he said. Varane after being announced as a new member of the English team.

The contract of Varane It ended in 2022 with Real Madrid, which offered him a renewal that the player rejected, so at that time the negotiations were accelerated so that he will emigrate to the Premier League team, which finally materialized and this was another of the movements that drew the attention of the transfers in this 2021.