“Time VJR”: the entourage of 39 employees that a young Real Madrid figure has to build an economic empire

The Brazilian Vinicius Jr., a young star of Real Madrid, has assembled a great team to carry out his business (Photo: REUTERS)

These are days of happiness for the Brazilian footballer Vinicius Junior, who has started the season in good shape with the Real Madrid. His five goals and two assists in 10 games place him among the most influential players on the team of Carlo Ancelotti. The Italian coach, like the president Florentino Pérez, are very confident in the potential of a young man from 21 years which already has its own empire.

His talent began to emerge from a very young age in the Flamengo and his personal brand has been building since he has 13 years, for which he has currently built a work team that takes care of the most important aspects of his sporting life, from the feeding until their finance.

As published Balloon Esporte, Vinicius It has assembling its own structure. It is a working group called “Time VJR” (Team VJR, by the initials of its name) and is divided in two: there are 12 employees who work just for him, among others 27 people that provide their services but without exclusivity.

Vinicius Jr has a total of 39 people who work to maintain their finances and take care of their diet (Photo: EFE)
Vinicius Jr has a total of 39 people who work to maintain their finances and take care of their diet (Photo: EFE)

In this entourage there are different types of professionals who support the empire that the Brazilian extreme has built over these years, and they range from a French chef who takes care of your food even your physical trainer, Thiago Lobo, with which he was training during the first months of the pandemic at his home. The chef delivers balanced dishes, without the player serving himself as much as he wants. For its part, the physical therapist works hard on post-game rehabilitation and injury prevention in his home gym.

In its structure there is also a family office (to manage family assets) and have hired a company to manage your career in Europe, with legal and financial assistance. It also has the support of TFM, the representation agency that accompanies him since he was a child.

Frederico Pena, CEO of TFM, explained in dialogue with Or Balloon the functioning behind Vinicius: “The idea is to partner with brands whose product you actually use or approve of in some way. Because deep down what he (client) wants is this, a kind of seal of approval. It is not easy, it is often tempting to do something just for the money. As now there is a great team that knows you well, we are able to put all the points in perspective on the table and debate to make the best decisions”.

Pain He also pointed out that Real Madrid is the player’s partner in image rights. Instead of the club paying for the right to exploit the player’s image, it receives a percentage of all Vinicius’ personal contracts. According to the aforementioned Brazilian media, in the case of Vini Jr. it’s close to 5%.

Vinicius Junior has one of the most modest salaries of Real Madrid (Photo: REUTERS)
Vinicius Junior has one of the most modest salaries of Real Madrid (Photo: REUTERS)

Currently Vinicius has the main sponsorship of Nike, in addition to contracts with Gaga milano and Dolce and Gabbana. He has been an ambassador of the game FIFA 2020 from EA Sports, so it currently pockets almost 1 million dollars annually. On the other hand, his salary is one of the most modest of the team, since he charges about USD 3.5 million net. But he was booked with only 16 years and in the pandemic he had to agree to a 10% pay cut.

In addition to having all this, it also has some facilities in Brazil for him Vinicius Junior Institute, focused on the education of the neediest girls and boys in Rio de Janeiro. It has been spent close to 2 million dollars in putting into operation this educational system that he considers very important within his empire.