Thiago Silva breaks the silence after leaving PSG: ‘I don’t understand the signing of Ramos, it saddens me’ – Diez – Diario Deportivo

Brazilian defender Thiago Silva, from English Chelsea, criticized his departure from Paris SG a year ago, without the Parisian club offering him “not even five euros” to renew his contract or organizing a farewell to him.

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In an interview with ESPN Brazil that will be broadcast this Saturday, Silva, who wore the PSG jersey for eight seasons, compared his situation to the arrival this year of the iconic Real Madrid defender, Sergio Ramos, at the French club, aged 35.

“I have nothing against Sergio Ramos, but Sergio, at the time he was offered a two-year contract, was the same age as I was last year. So that left me really sad,” Silva lamented, according to excerpts of the interview published on Friday by the sports media.

“I have not talked about it with anyone yet, but it left me really sad, because it seems that I have not done anything for the club. For not having offered me anything,” added the captain of the ‘seleçao’ (36) in the last Copa América of Brazil.

“‘Thiago, here is the minimum. There are five euros for you per month. Do you accept?’ There wasn’t that, “he said.

The Chelsea center-back denied that his departure was due to a salary issue and recalled that he earns “less than half” at Chelsea.

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Silva, who won 25 titles with PSG, also said that the Parisian club “lacked a little more sensitivity at that moment of farewell.”

“Although there was already a pandemic, I think something could have been done. Because it was not eight days, not eight months. It was eight years of great victory, of a lot of work to be able to change and put Paris at the level it is today. Of course I did not do this alone, but I had a great contribution, “he said.

Among the titles won by Silva with the French club, there are several French leagues, cups and super cups, but he was never able to raise a Champions League, which he did this year with the English club.

“All those eight years I spent in Paris looking [la Champions], unfortunately I did not get it. In my first year with Chelsea, I did it. So that fills me with pride, because it is not easy to leave a club where you were eight years and get to a new club and win what you were dreaming about the most, “he declared.