They send a young man involved in a fight between Nacional fans to jail

The Prosecutor’s Office collected videos, testimonies and other evidence that were essential for the judge to order an insurance measure in a prison against the defendant

This April 3, a guarantee control judge imposed a measure of preventive assurance of freedom, in a prison center, against 21-year-old Kevin Esneider Quintero for being allegedly responsible for the crime of attempted aggravated homicide.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, the captured person was traveling on January 2 in a bus that was heading to Tunja (Boyacá) full of Nacional fans, who upon meeting another group of fans started a pitched battle that caused disturbances on public roads and five people injured.

The film evidence, testimonies and the recognition of a victim who was injured, shows that the defendant, apparently, was present and participated in the fight between followers of the same soccer team.

The excesses occurred at a gas station located in the municipality of Cota (Cundinamarca). The defendant allegedly participated in the assault on a 20-year-old man who was lying on the floor. The investigation shows that the man would have used a brick and a large dagger and hit the victim several times and would have caused a serious injury to the abdomen with the knife.

In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office was able to establish that other people who participated in the fight had also punched and kicked the victim, who was taken to the Chía hospital (Cundinamarca) by two National Police patrolmen.

Through videos shared on social networks, users recorded moments of a strong confrontation between fans of Atlético Nacional. In the images you can see how people attack each other with stones, machetes and fists.

Fights between Atlético Nacional fans on the Cota – Chía road

The events would have occurred in the Cota-Chía variant, when buses of supporters of the Antioquia team met on the highway on the way to the city of Tunja, to watch their team’s game against Patriots this Saturday at 6 a.m. the afternoon, for date 14 of the Betplay League.

According to Marca Claro, the fight was caused by the rivalry between the members of the Atlético Nacional brava group ‘Los Del Sur’, with the ‘Nación Verdolaga’, a dissident group from the main bar that operates in Bogotá.

The sports media says that ‘Nación Verdolaga’ carried out an ambush on ‘Los del Sur’ who were traveling from another city to Tunja.

On the other hand, El Colombiano assured that the bars that were transported in 8 buses, would have intercepted the 15 vehicles that transported the fans from Medellín to the capital of Boyacá. to start the pitched battle. It is estimated that 450 people would be involved in this brawl.

The Tunja Police announced a strong security operation for the Patriots vs. Nationalafter what happened on the roads of Cundinamarca.


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They send a young man involved in a fight between Nacional fans to jail