They revealed the controversial chats of Sergio Ramos asking for help to win the Ballon d’Or 2019

Sergio Ramos has not yet commented on the matter (Reuters)

The scandal over the exposure of audios between leaders and soccer players in Spain seems to have no end. after they met the dialogues between Gerard Piqué and the president of the Real spanish soccer federation (RFEF), Luis Rubialesis now Sergio Ramos who was involved in the controversy. is that the diary The confidential had access to some private chats that leave the current defender of the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

The Spanish portal gave a preview of the audios that it will publish on its podcast on July 1. In these transcribed fragments that correspond to 2019 (the exact day and month have not yet been reported) it is clear that the then Real Madrid player asks the highest authority of Spanish football to use his influences to win the Ballon d’Or that will be I was going to deliver in December.

Ruby, good night. I hope you are well with the whole family. You know I’ve never asked you for anything, but if I want to do it today it’s because I think it’s a special year. for the performance I have given. I would like you to help me in whatever way you can and touch some keys from UEFA and your contacts on the subject of the Ballon d’Or. I would be grateful to you all my life, not only for me but also because I think that Spanish football deserves it very much. I send you a hug”, he said. bouquets to the leader regarding the award given by the magazine French Football and whose election is made based on the vote of 180 journalists.

Rubiales’ response was revealed by José María Olmo, head of investigation at El Confidencial, on the radio program the big game of the Spanish chain COPE: “Hello Sergio. First of all, congratulations, I think it’s a good year for you to get it. I hope you have a magnificent final in the Champions League. Of course, the Ballon d’Or doesn’t depend on me, but whatever I can help you with, count on it. A big hug”.

In 2019, Messi won the sixth of his seven Ballon d'Or (Reuters)
In 2019, Messi won the sixth of his seven Ballon d’Or (Reuters)

Faced with this message, there was a new insistence from Ramos: “I know it’s not up to you, but relationships are also key. (Gianni) Infantino gives the The Best (FIFA award) which is also super important and would be awesome. Finally, I count on your help. I send you a hug and we’ll see each other when you want one day and we’ll eat”.

It is worth mentioning that at the gala held in December 2019 the winner was his current partneror Lionel Messi (which added the sixth to his collection), above Virgil van Dijk and of Cristiano Ronaldo, who was at Juventus at the time. In addition, in 2020 the award ceremony was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, so Ramos could not win the award that year either.

These leaks, which will be known in full on July 1, above all leave the Spanish defender exposed, who explicitly requested that the RFEF’s top leader use his influence to tilt the vote in his favor, although he did not even receive a vote on that occasion. .


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They revealed the controversial chats of Sergio Ramos asking for help to win the Ballon d’Or 2019