They auction a relic of the first years of Lionel Messi as a footballer: how much the first interested party offered

The photo of a young Lionel Messi and the authorization stamp to be able to play football in the Rosario league (Photo: Goldin Auctions)

Throughout your professional career, Lionel Andres Messi signed an infinite number of autographs during his time at the FC Barcelona, Paris Saint Germain and the Argentine team. The memories of his professional stage are replicated in every corner of the world. From his childhood, those first cases, there are only a few relics and the impressive audiovisual material that shows his hierarchy with a few years of life. The fury for finding sports gems around the world grows year after year and in the last hours the light discovered a real treasure linked to Rosario: a Rosarina Soccer League card with the 4×4 photo and signature of the Argentine star that is being auctioned in the United States.

This historical find features a photograph of the young Messi, wide-eyed and highly recognizable. On the back of the card, the flea he impregnated his name with blue ink. Although there is no exactitude, this card would have been issued around 1995 when I was approximately eight years old and is one of the first documented signatures of Lionel Messi. In addition, being laminated with two perforations on the top to be filed in a folder, it shows slight signs of age.

One of the surprising details is the quality of both the small image of Messi and his signature. As reported by the North American media TMZ, the auction site Goldin Auctions gave the laminated card his stamp of approval, declaring it as “authentic” along with a gem rating 10 (“pristine”) being one of the highest that can be found in this type of sites.

On the back, Lionel's unpublished signature along with all his personal details (Photo: Goldin Auctions)
On the back, Lionel’s unpublished signature along with all his personal details (Photo: Goldin Auctions)

With a closing date of Saturday, October 23, the first bidder offered ten thousand dollars as the initial bid for the relic, but in a few hours there were already seven bids and the present value is in the twenty thousand dollars.

The diminutive playmaker joined the youth system of local club Newell’s Old Boys in 1995 as part of their legendary youth squad nicknamed ‘The 87 Machine’, scoring nearly 500 goals and so impressing the FC Barcelona hierarchy that the club Catalan signed the first contract for his future icon on a napkin ”, was the description made by the auction house Goldin Auctions. “With the era of the issuance of this card around 1995-2000, this is without a doubt one of the first documented signatures of Lionel Messi, and a true piece of football history!”they announced.

“It was a category that always won. And it was not a team that gave it to Leo to go to 10 guys and score the goal. Each one knew how to play. Obviously he caught the ball, went to 2 or 3 and scored the goal. It was a nice team just the same. People gathered. They came specifically to see him. Lots of people, huh! I remember a tournament, in Newell’s first games, that had scored about 10 goals in three games. They said ’10 plays very well’. And the technician put the 2. Anyway, he grabbed the ball and they realized on the touch ”, he recalled years ago before Infobae Matías Pecce, Leo’s childhood friend and one of the members of that mythical category 87 of the Leprosy. It should be noted that years ago appeared the first shirt that Messi traded with a young rival of General Paz Juniors de Córdoba in a 1999 friendly.

Messi in the youth of Newell's
Messi in the youth of Newell’s

These nostalgic touches always reawaken the remote illusion of the fans lepers, who dream of having him for at least a time as a footballer of the institution before he retires. At the moment, the brand new reinforcement of Paris Saint Germain arrived this Tuesday at the Ezeiza property with Angel Di Maria and Leonardo Paredes with the mind in preparing for a new triple date of South American Qualifiers that he will face under the orders of Lionel scaloni.

Leo Messi returns to his native Rosario every time the breaks in French football allow it and before debuting with PSG he showed his thermos on social networks where the Newell’s shield appeared. Every so often, the official Leprosy account publishes never-before-seen files of the flea with the characteristic red and black to keep the flame of hope alive and one day be able to see Lionel walking on the lawn of the Coloso Del Parque Marcelo Bielsa stadium.

Leo with a boy's Newell's T-shirt
Leo with a boy’s Newell’s T-shirt