They attack Tata Martino asking for his resignation in the stadium tunnel

CINCINNATI – Gerardo Martino suffered a further humiliation when he left the press conference room. A humiliation greater than the third mockery of Gregg Berhalter and the United States in five months. Superior to the team shadowing he presented in Cincinnati. Superior to the reproach of the Mexicans when they see the “dousacerou” resurface powerfully. Superior to the bombastic claim on social networks #FueraTata and #TataOut.

A horde of fans, waited in the hall. And they threw themselves on him, while he was guarded towards the locker room. “Give up, you are worth it!”. “Resign, you are worth v …!”. “Get out, you are useless!” “Go Tata, you are a pen …”. That and more, can be heard in the videos that were recorded of his departure from the press room. Those were just a few of the imprecations that were violently bursting in the intestines of Cincinnati TQL Stadium.

The intense chorus of curses and insults in the hallway of the TQL Stadium on the pitch level, accessed by fans who bought tickets with VIP privileges, accompanied him as he and his escort quickened their pace.

Gerardo Martino did not answer. He only showed surprise and quickened his pace. The Honeymoon has finally come to an end, and divorce is inevitable.


At the press conference, Gerardo Martino appealed, again, under the cover of an expression that reveals little and hides a lot. “It lacked intensity.”

He is promptly asked for an explanation about that recurring reflection, about that “lack of intensity”, when Mexico plays badly, which has been a constant in 2021, especially against the United States, with three defeats in five months, including that of the night. Friday, the Nations League Final and the Gold Cup Final.

“My players have quality and as long as they have intensity, we were better than the United States, which has dynamics and maintained that intensity. It can be a reflection from fatigue, to the lack of continuity in their teams, and then, how it happened to us. The rival begins to have supremacy ”.

In addition, Martino rules out that the restraint suffered against the United States affects him personally.

“I have already clarified that this is not a personal confrontation. It’s not that the United States has beaten me. I understand the importance of having three defeats against an opponent, which Mexicans always want to beat, but the most important thing is to get back on track in the tie, “said Martino.

In addition, Martino acknowledges that from the end of the first half, he realized that Mexico was beginning to give up, losing space, balls and intensity, and he could not foresee it, or solve it for the second half, when the American flood asphyxiated him.

“It was – in the opinion of Tata – a game with changing moments. We were the first to have opportunities to hit in the first half, with two very clear situations, but we didn’t take advantage of them. When we lowered the intensity in the second half, something that was already visible in the first half, they managed the game and scored the winning goals ”.

Although throughout the game, Mexico’s defensive funnel was shattered, on the sides and inside lanes, Gerardo Martino, had another perception. “I do not feel that we have defensive problems”, while the roads that were inaugurated in Cincinnati, both Chaka Rodríguez and Jesús Gallardo, were freely traveled by sides, flyers and ends of the United States.

A curious detail. Tata Martino accepts that Berhalter has played him in the same way and that he in turn has responded to him in the same way, in these three defeats in five months.

The Argentine coach is the first coach in the history of Mexico to have suffered three consecutive defeats against the United States.


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They attack Tata Martino asking for his resignation in the stadium tunnel