They ask that Yon de Luisa and Mikel Arriola appear before the Senate for elimination in Qatar 2022

Senator Bertha Caraveo asked that the managers appear after being left out of the World Cup.

The elimination of Mexico in the group stage of the World Cup Qatar 2022 provoked reactions on social networks, but one of these stood out with the messages published by the Senator, Bertha Caraveowho requested that the directors appear before the Senate of the Republic for the results obtained in the contest.

The member of the Morena Parliamentary Group shared on her Twitter account that the president of the Mexican Soccer Federation, Yon de Luisaand the president of the Liga MX, Mikel ArriolaThey have to appear before the Committee on Youth and Sports of the Senate.

The policy advocated that Mexico will host the next World Cup 2026 together with USA Y Canada and companies like fmf and the FIFA They will obtain economic benefits from the development of the World Cup.

“A private business where the State spends on consular protection. We will host the 2026 World Cup, and there will be a huge logistical deployment and investment in its development, while the managers benefit while delivering poor results to the fans, ”he said.

In the same vein, he shared on his Twitter account that “there must be a sense of co-responsibility between individuals and the State. In this sense, popular representation involves influencing such an important event for the People”.

Mexico was one score away from obtaining the pass as second place in the group, since he would have had more goals than Polandwhich despite losing by a score of 2-0 against Argentinaachieved his pass and will face France in the round of 16.

Of the 32 teams participating in Qatar 2022, the Mexican team was the one with the most minutes without a goal in World Cups. The team he led Gerardo Martino He reached 431 minutes without being able to score, before the goal of henry martin before Arabia and was followed by Uruguay (298) and Tunisia (262).

While, Kenya Rabadansenator for the National Action Party (PAN)put a short message mentioning “I’ll be brief: Goodbye Tata and Morena”, which generated messages of support, but also criticism in the political sphere.

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They ask that Yon de Luisa and Mikel Arriola appear before the Senate for elimination in Qatar 2022