They are planted by Ilaix: Definitive Proposal

They are planted by Ilaix Definitive Proposal

The soap opera the renewal of Ilaix Moriba it is getting too long and patience is running out at FC Barcelona. As MD already advanced on Wednesday at noon, the last meeting was a surprising slowdown, especially in the entity part Blaugrana, who were optimistic about the outcome after the progress made at the end of last week.

The Barça, after these conversations, submitted an offer to the player on Wednesday to leave the agreement faced and that the youth squad could choose to travel with the first team to the ‘stage’ in Germany. One last proposal that has no answer, at the moment. The Ilaix agents requested a new meeting to buy time and be able to analyze it. And Ilaix stayed in Barcelona.

This offer, According to club sources, it is practically definitive. They understand that they have already made a significant effort and that the basis of the new Ilaix contract is established there. Yes it is true if there is a good predisposition on the part of the footballer, they can finish polishing and improving some aspects, the famous last fringes, but they will not yield more because they want there to be an outcome soon. To renew or to search a solution for the footballer. There is no set deadline or any ultimatum because the conversations in recent days are fluid, but in the Camp Nou offices they do not want it to last much longer.

From the Barça club they remain pessimistic and do not understand why the talks are taking forever, nor the last turn of the wheel when the agreement seemed to be faced.

They insist that they see it complicated because They do not perceive a predisposition to reach an agreement on the part of Moriba Kouruma’s representatives. The culés executives, as already reported by MD, lowered their claims regarding the longevity of the contract. The Barca I wanted to shield Ilaix five years and they lowered it until they reached three seasons so that in a better economic context they could sit down again. A proposal that convinced the player, who remains disappointed and sad, pending to be able to play again under Koeman’s orders as soon as possible. That has been his wish from day one, although his agents, together with his father, maintain financial claims that Barça does not want to assume now.

At the moment, no offers

There are several teams interested in Ilaix Moriba. Especially in the Premier League. Chelsea or Manchester City would be willing to push hard for him. In England it transcended offering up to six million. At Barça, on the other hand, they are calm in this regard. Ilaix has a contract until 2022 and at the moment they do not have any proposal for him.

He did not play yesterday, but he will go to the subsidiary’s ‘stage’

At Barça they keep the pulse. Ilaix Moriba will not play until he signs his new contract. Not even with the first teamNeither with the subsidiary, nor with the youth. This was demonstrated once again yesterday. The youth squad did not enter the call for the second preparation match of Sergi Barjuan’s team against the Grama Foundation. The midfielder continues to train under the Les Franqueses coach and it does not seem that I changed the situation as the talks between Barça and their agents are going. Will not travel to Germany for now, but he is scheduled to go with the second team on Sunday at the Vall d’en Bas. A stay that will last until Friday. From there, the player He will continue to prepare but will keep abreast of the evolution of the negotiations on his future, whether at the Camp Nou or away from Barcelona.