There is no rush to renew Luis Enrique before Qatar

Luis Enrique is not in a hurry. And the Federation (RFEF), less. The technician renewal it won’t be automatic, as it invariably happened during the 29 years of the ‘Villar era’. It was three decades in which the classification for him world was rewarded with contract extension with improvements that ranged between 15 and 25% of the salary of Clemente, Camacho, Sáez, Luis, Del Bosque and Lopetegui, which never failed. The last time Spain did not get the ticket for the World Cup it was with Kubala on the bench and Iríbar in the goal, when our country was still a dictatorship. But still, qualify it is rewarded in a big way.

Lewis Rubiales it will not accelerate the renewal of Luis Enrique. The president of the RFEF is happy with work that the coach Asturian develops on the lawn. But it has its Doubts with their performance off the field, as confirmed by two sources from the Federation itself. The character of Luis Enrique, which is not a prodigy of sociability, has raised some complaints between the presidents territorial, the 19 barons who elect and sustain the president of the Federation. There was already a serious anger for him start of Spain on the Eurocup, and although later the flight was raised, that residue was left in the territorial ones. Afterwards, the technician has not done a deep work of RR PP to recover what was lost. That, honestly, brings him to a halt.

Between some things and others the truth is that both parties have decided to take some time before rushing to renew the contract of Luis Enrique, who beyond being uncommunicative, controversial or late and bad-looking with the media communication, ha given the team an identity And, not without suffering and some luck, yes, he has achieved what everyone else before him since Kubala left. Anyway, what that phrase of the selector in Seville, “both the Federation and I are comfortable and we have good harmony. I’m not worried about the renovation issue. It’s something that will be discussed after the World Cup“. Therefore, barring change of plans, it will be necessary to wait for qatar to see if Luis Enrique is still in charge of the national team, something that, beyond the fact that the interesting, he loves, deprives him, excites him and he likes it. All this in addition to making you feel special.

Luis Enrique is so willing to sacrifice to stay where he is that, he has already shown it, he did something that very few of those who dedicate themselves to this ball have done, a place where between honor and money, the second comes first. I know low the 25% salary in full pandemic. There is no greater proof, not of love, but of the desire to stay where you are. He says there is no rush, but if he was offered the renovation tomorrow he would sign with a wooden pen. But Rubiales is in no rush. He never had it for anything, less to raise the band.

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There is no rush to renew Luis Enrique before Qatar