There is liquidity for a galactic

There is liquidity for a galactic

Good news from Real Madrid’s publication of the summary of the latest club accounts to be approved at the next Assembly of delegated members. Not only because in times of pandemic and severe crisis, once again and for the second consecutive year, they show a surplus. In this case, almost a million euros of positive balance. Almost a miracle, having had a drop in income of 300 million since the pandemic began, according to data provided by the entity itself. But, even more than this symbolic surplus, Madrid also shows its chest with two data that clearly speak of the good margin of action that it has in the market if it were necessary to make a great signing …

On the one hand, Madrid advances in this small summary of the accounts that there is a balance in the Treasury of 120 million euros. That is, therefore, the money in the box. On the other hand, the entity points out that Madrid “as of June 30, 2021 has credit policies without having available for the amount of € 361 million, which, together with the treasury, makes it possible to comfortably meet the expected payment commitments ”. There is liquidity for the planned payments and an important cushion to cover possible eventualities if the crisis deepens … but also, it is obvious, to face some caliber operation, a galactic signing, if necessary.

This is the result of the management that Madrid has made since the crisis began. The club has fought this drop in revenue of 300 million (in two consecutive years) with an austerity plan that has spanned from the agreements for the lower salaries of football, basketball and executive staff (58 million have been saved there in two years), like cuts of all kinds in operating expenses (62 million) and, above all, the savings for the last sales of players, transfers and tokens that have also been saved with those permanent or temporary departures of footballers (in this case, 175 million in two seasons).

In short, Madrid is breastfeeding for having managed to save a total of 295 million to compensate for the loss of income of 300 million. And that leaves you in a good position if you have to go to the market (at the cost in this case, yes, of borrowing more). In this sense, although it seems clear that despite Mbappé’s desire Madrid’s plan is to wait until January to sign him at zero cost, there are important names on the table on which the white club could force the situation. The most important is that of Haaland.

Madrid is, for the moment, calm with the idea that the Norwegian will stay one more season at Borussia and with which he will be available in the summer of 2022. That’s when Mino Raiola, his agent, has an agreement for him to leave Dortmund at a reasonable price, maybe less than 100 million euros, and Florentino will be able to assert the good relationship he has with the CEO of Borussia, Hans Joaquim Watzke. That is the idea plan for the white entity, but you may have to anticipate movements …

Lately, there are several teams that are trying hard to get Haaland out of Germany this summer. Mainly Chelsea, European champion despite the lack of aim of his attack men. They are talking about a first offer from the London entity of 175 million. As AS advanced, Borussia put a prohibitive price of 200 million a few months ago thinking about the continuity of the forward … There is not so much difference from what Chelsea offer and the 200 they ask for, and Raiola is very receptive to the possibility of his player being sold now, because he understands that staying another year in the Bundesliga is a risk … If that movement continues to take shape, Madrid have to take action on the matter and, according to official accounts, there is liquidity to do so.