The World Cup takes its toll

The real Madrid has returned from break for the World Cup in Qatar 2022 generating more doubts than certainties. He carried out the first two games, although with difficulty: first in pucela against Valladolid, with a double Benzema, but suffering; and then in caceres before him cacereño in cupfor discreet 0-1 against a Primera RFEF, in a duel marked by a grass that prevented the whites from deploying their game. But to the third I know the those of Ancelotti hit, at the house of villarreal, in a duel in which what was already being intuited became evident: there are several players whose presence in the world them has clearly brakedand Madrid suffers from that performance break.


the belgian maintainsIn general terms, the level that he showed before the break, although with some exception. Against Valladolid he was a savior: he stopped the four shots he received between the sticks, some very difficult shots that kept Madrid alive so that, in the second half, Benzema sentenced. He rested in the Cup and at Villarreal he could not keep a clean sheet, stopping only three of five shots on goal. Nothing can be attributed to him in the goals, but he was not a savior as so many times in the past.


has only been able to play a match, against Valladolid in Pucela. He played an hour without much fanfare. He has lost the following two duels due to muscular problems, in a season that was quiet for him in this sense: he has accumulated almost 1,400 minutes so far, in the line of 2,600 from the previous season and a long way from the fateful 2020-21 campaign, in which he could barely play 1,119 minutes.


He missed the match in Pucela for arriving with hardly any rhythm from his holidays, he played 45 minutes in Cáceres and in Vila-real he took over Carvajal’s position on the right side. Ancelotti said that he had seen him comfortable in that role with Brazil in Qatar 2022, but the reality is that in white he had to suffer in defense to stop Pino and in attack, where he lacks finesse. He was able to put Madrid ahead, but it was done at night with everything in his favour.


One of the most used For Ancelotti on this return to work, he has played every minute in the League, both in Valladolid and Vila-real, and 45′ in Cáceres. In the first two duels he performed at a decent level, but in Castellón he sank: very little reliability to tie Pino and Gerard Moreno, and contributing almost nothing in attack. Although the duel in Vila-real marks a before and after: Ancelotti preferred to break the Militao-Alaba couple to leave him as center back. In this way he can establish himself in ownership.

Rüdiger, during the match against Villarreal.


Rüdiger, during the match against Villarreal. Quality Sports ImagesGetty


your legs are heavy to Croatian and you can’t blame him for that: at 37, performance that Modric had been giving was outstandingbut a world in which Croatia has played seven games, the longest way, has made a dent in his resistance. He barely played two minutes in Valladolid, rested against Cacereño and in Vila-real he could not exceed 70 minutes. Ancelotti replaced him to introduce Camavinga, much more energetic.


The French are not lacking in energy, which is misses it’s more Ancelotti confidence to enter the starting eleven. He had minutes in the two league games and in both he improved the team; He played 90 minutes against Cacereño and was more discreet, he did not know how to adapt well to the conditions on the pitch, which prevented those long circulations that he likes so much. It is an option for the left side After his good development in that position with France.


Finalist in Qatar, he has returned to tratran and it shows much. In Pucela he played a few minutes, in Cáceres he lasted a part (He went with a yellow card and perhaps Ancelotti preferred not to risk it) and against Villarreal he was transparent, seeing how Coquelin and Baena surpassed him and looked at the shot in front of Courtois’s goal, not finding the miraculous goal. Your bassoon compared to the beginning of the course It is notable.


The most obvious case: he flew to Qatar, being one of the best footballers in the world, and after the World Cup a much more timid version of the Uruguayan is being seen. The physical excuse should not exist, since he barely played the three games of the group stage, but the fact is that a less intense Valverde is being seen and also less daring: starting in the two league games and with a full part in the Cup, he did not make a shot in those three games, when he had been averaging almost two per duel before Qatar.

Fede Valverde.


Fede Valverde. Icon SportsGetty


Your case it is given for amortized: He was a starter in Cáceres and passed without pain or glory, it was invisible. Against Villareal he was 32 years old, but Ancelotti did not consider him an option to try the comeback at La Cerámica. He is out, his is not a physical issue (which also, because he is seen out of shape again), but football. He has lost the spark and it does not seem that he is going to recover it.


He was animated against Valladolid, with two shots (one on goal); something worse before the Cacereño, although still appearing; and against Villarreal he barely had eight minutes and it was for him the last play of the game, in which Madrid tried to replicate his goal against Leipzig. It didn’t go well for him: he didn’t hit the ball well, which came out bitten.


He rested in Cáceres, but played most of the minutes in the League and was a revolutionary for Madrid’s attack, making five shots between the two games, three of them on goal. But he can’t find the goal when Madrid needs it (in Villarreal he had two clear chances and reminded Vinicius of Zidane’s stageto whom the definition was balled) and he gets into too many battles with the rivals and the referee, so much so that his teammates have to stop him.


The Brazilian is holding up well the level after Qatar: In Valladolid he added good minutes from the bench, as against Villarreal, a duel in which he finished off twice. and against him Cacereño was the man of the matchunblocking the meeting with a great goal after a great personal move.

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The World Cup takes its toll