The ‘Vasco’ Aguirre explodes after falling in his debut with Mallorca: “I don’t understand VAR… Who decides to go look at the monitor?”

The Mexican coach compared an action with another that he experienced when he was in charge of Leganés and that could have saved his former team

Javier Aguirrethe Mexican coach of Mallorca, declared that he did not understand the operation of the VAR when a referee goes to see the monitor to check a play and regretted the defeat against Getafe (1-0) with which his team will remain in relegation places.

During the game, the referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz He decided not to call a penalty for a Russo handball. A couple of minutes later, notified from the VARchecked the play on a monitor and decided to signal the maximum penalty, which Enes Ünal missed.

Aguirre compared that action with one he experienced when he was directing the Leganes and that he could have saved his former team, which was not called in favor of a hand from the player of the Real Madrid, Luka Jovic, who the referee did not even review on a screen.

“Understand, neither you (the journalist) nor I nor anyone else understand it, because it’s a mess. I am a defender of VAR, gives justice to football. If he VAR he sees it clearly and calls the referee, well look, there it is marked and there is no more. It is true that Mateu is close, he makes gestures that he sees clearly and does not ask for it. The only question I always have is who decides to go to VAR? The referee or call him? It’s the only question and no one has been able to answer it,” she said.

“I saw Jovic’s on the pitch and then on television. I haven’t seen this one. I don’t know if it’s the same. But in that game against Real Madrid, the referee is not going to see the VAR Why? If you go, you see it more clearly. Why was Mateu today? I am a defender of VAR, if it’s a hand, then it’s a hand and you go home. I’m a big believer in technology, I really do,” she added.

“We followed the play to avoid concentrating on it or that the rival squeezed the referee. The key is that the referee went to the monitor, because he was aware, he made gestures and Var’s insistence is what makes him go. In the game of Jovic, it wasn’t. Nobody knows how to tell me this. But the VAR It’s fantastic,” he said.

Aguirre indicated that Mallorca wanted to play an intense game and acknowledged that if his team “slackened off” against GetafeI could suffer. For the Mexican coach, the key play was the penalty in which Russo was sent off.

“Everything changes there, beyond the fact that Sergio makes a couple of spectacular stops. With ten, it was complicated. With three casualties, Raíllo, Martin or Jaume, it was a challenge. And without Russo it was a challenge to the team spirit. There was no award, but the players can leave calm and proud. They left their souls on the pitch”, he stated.

“We had three defenders out. We had to improvise with Baba at the back and put Battaglia in. I don’t see Antonio Sánchez and Lee as defensive midfielders. They hadn’t played there. The eight games that remain, I don’t know what’s going to happen. When Valjent comes and it’s low, and there are two suspended, everything had to be put together. Baba played a good game, by the way. I have 25 elements and every week I will put those who I think will be better, “he said.

He also spoke about the style of his team and made it clear that in a game he has not been able to generate any: “In ninety minutes do I have style? Every final is different and we are playing finals. We have 49 goals against, six defeats in a row. … Are you talking about style? It’s complicated. After six defeats… do you still give passes and still receive 49 goals? Each rival forces you to do different things. Even if you guarantee me that by giving 200 passes we win, well, we don’t give 200 , we give 500 if you want”.

Finally, he pointed out that his mentality will be key to the salvation of Mallorca. For Aguirreany player who does not know where he is and who plays “as if nothing were happening”, will not serve to be in the First Division.

“If he doesn’t clench his teeth, if he doesn’t play the ball as if it were the last… Today they understood perfectly and we are alive. It goes through the mentality. Also for playing football well. There were two suspended, two injured, who came from international matches. The wind to train… But if it doesn’t get to be for the penalty…”, he concluded.

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The ‘Vasco’ Aguirre explodes after falling in his debut with Mallorca: “I don’t understand VAR… Who decides to go look at the monitor?”