The VAR condemns a Spain with a great future

A controversial goal from Mbappe, validated by the VAR looking offside, in the dramatic 81st minute of the game. That earned him France to conquer the Nations League already Spain to, in his first final since 2013, show that he can stand up to anyone.

The goal of Oyarzabal made La Roja dream of glory, the immediate response of Benzema He returned him to earth … And the final blow from Mbappé, protested uselessly by Hispanics, sentenced.

The Spain of the future has this in mind. The France of the present is as exceptional as it is individual. A group of outstanding players, led by Mbappé, accompanied by Benzema, with the collaboration of a Griezmann that with the jacket of the Bleus multiplies and pushed by a Pogba that, like the mattress, almost always offers more performance with the national team than with Manchester United. France took the Nations League in a final that honored the greatness that UEFA wants to bring to this newly minted tournament.

A superb match that showed the non-negotiable personality with which it has endowed Luis Enrique La Roja faced with the vertical and very fast electricity of the Bleus, who were intimidated by the footballing taste of the Hispanic team, always face to face, never cowed and even less intimidated by the appointment, the stage or the rival.

France gives the feeling that, deep down, it matters little to nothing to show a compact image because the strokes of genius of its stars are enough. Benzema scored an outstanding goal when Spain had barely a minute ahead and Mbappé solved with an electric arrival that, seeming offside, did not hide the rookie mistake starring a remarkable Éric García as a whole but stripped naked in a sigh.

The final ended up being an ode to despair. With the Spanish turned in search of a draw they deserved without ever losing their personality. Driving the ball with a sobriety that forced the world champion to defend herself in any way. Without an established plan, the French took refuge in the forcefulness of Upamecano, Pogba and all his teammates looking for a ball that was Spanish.

Spain could not force the extension, let alone consummate the impossible comeback, and he was left with honey on his lips, with a shot of Yeremi in the last breath you saved Cries to give France the title … And Spain the pride and optimism of what lies ahead.