The untimely renovations and the outraged

ANDn Barcelona are outraged by Ilaix Moriba and Samuel Umtiti. They don’t understand how the players are doing this to them. And what is this? Basically comply with their contracts and not blindly obey everything that the club says, commands or proposes.. Ilaix is ​​not to blame that Bara cannot offer him more money in accordance with their economic claims. The club believes that he is worth less, or cannot pay him more, and the player believes that he deserves more money. Tie. From here comes the outrage in the Directive that cries out to heaven because the player is disrespecting the club how much he has given. And it separates him, with all his right, from the first team to force him to renew. A stance of strength, but lawful that the player must respect.

Koeman, very hard on Ilaix: “At 18, gambling is more important than money”

Umtiti also unworthy. They are outraged that he wants to continue at Barcelona fulfilling your contract. Very well paid, yes, but his contract. Then they say that whoever does not want to be there is no longer good for me. Umtiti has shown that he is a professional and that he has a plan. He wants to go back to being the one he was before and he wants to do it at Barcelona. What happens is that the sports management no longer believes in him and does not want to pay him, or cannot, the pasture he wins. In both cases, you have to think about what the club did wrong when renewing its contracts.


To Ilaix they owed propose the renewal last year before he debuted with the first team. When they saw that he was a player of the future and Koeman wanted to have him, they had to have made him the renewal offer. And then I do press him, not now. “Ilaix, if you don’t renew, we won’t raise you to the first team,” he should have been told because it was the moment when Bara had the upper hand. But they did not. Now is late.


In the case of Umtiti also you have to go back to its renovation. It is true that the defender was in an exceptional moment of form and his price went through the roof, but not so much to pay him about nine million net per season. Bartomeu, as in many other renovation operations, lase Busquets, Jordi Alba or Sergi Roberto who are now running to lower their salary, stopped braking. If he had signed a contract for a lesser amount, the problem regarding the salary bill would not be so serious. Another thing is your knee.

Barcelona drags past mistakes with players because decisions were made lightly. And those measures have their consequences in the long run. And the current directive should really be more outraged by what his predecessors did than with players who basically stick to their contract and do not comply with the demands of the club.