The unmissable dialogue between Messi, Scaloni, Tite and Neymar on the pitch: ‘We’ve been here for three days and they waited for the game to start’

Five minutes and 20 seconds of play. A group of officials from the National Health Surveillance Agency enters the playing field of the Neo Química Arena in San Pablo and the match between Brazil and Argentina, for the Qualifying for the Qatar World Cup 2022, is interrupted. Discussions and some other push lead to the return to the National Team’s dressing room. But right away Lionel messi, with a photographer’s bib and already without the shirt, enters the field of play with the coach Lionel scaloni. And together they star in an unmissable dialogue with Tite, Neymar and Juninho Pernambucano, manager of the Brazilian team.

“We’re going,” Messi advises.

“They did it the wrong way, but they warned before that the players were informed,” Juninho Pernambucano replied.

-They didn’t warn us. We have been here for four days. They would have come the first day and not like that – Messi interrupts him.

-Didn’t they warn you? -consults Tite.

“No, they warned us,” Messi answers curtly.

-Juninho, why didn’t you go looking for them at the hotel? The Conmebol He said ‘They can play’. It’s over, don’t look for me where there isn’t. I ask you please – Scaloni added when he saw that the manager was trying to take advantage of the retirement of the Argentine National Team.

-We have been here for three days, did you wait for the game to start to come? Why didn’t they warn before? If nothing happens, they warned, they left and that’s it. They had to go to the hotel – Messi deepened in a reflective tone, but visibly annoyed.

That’s when Casemiro, steering wheel of Brazil and Real Madrid, he approached the Flea and said something covering his mouth and ear. Immediately, Messi returned to the locker room with Scaloni as a squire.

“I come to let our country find out what has happened. It makes me very sad, I am not looking for anyone to blame but what has just happened is very sad. Especially because, if something happened or not, it was not the time to do it and it makes us very sad. When it should have been a party for everyone and enjoy this game of the best in the world and it ends in this, “said DT from the bowels of the stadium.

And he added: “The Conmebol delegate told us to go to the dressing room and I did. I don’t have much more to say. In this case we are the victims. We wanted to play the game, the Brazilian players also wanted to play the game and nothing more. The show was to play. “