The unexpected confession of Memo Ochoa that impacted all of Mexico

Guillermo Ochoa made a confession about America and received a resounding response in front of his audience.

Guillermo Ochoa made a confession about America that earned him many likes, but also a strong message that managed to stand out from the rest.

Memo is strongly tracing his legend within Club América. At 36, the Mexican goalkeeper had the luxury of celebrating 100 unbeaten hurdles with the Eagles. This happened after the match against the Xolos de Tijuana, where his goal was zero and was able to mark a historic milestone.

“Great players win games. Legends write history. Guillermo Ochoa, 100 games without allowing a goal against,” they announced from the club’s Twitter account, demonstrating the great pride they feel for the Mexican goalkeeper. Of course, the strong message managed to shake not only within the club, but also throughout Mexico.

Of course they weren’t the only ones. Faced with such a historical event in Guillermo Ochoa’s career, the unconditional support of his family could not be absent.

During the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Memo felt strongly the distance from his wife and children. It was not easy for them to face being so surprised, but technology allowed them to feel accompanied in key moments that did nothing more than enhance their desire to pursue their dreams.

Memo was not alone and he always knew that, from a distance, his wife Karla Mora is his great support and the one who keeps him afloat when he needs it most. So much so that she does not skimp when it comes to sharing postcards where all that is reflected.

As soon as the América match ended, having already made history with a clean sheet, Guillermo Ochoa was surprised that his children, along with his wife, took pictures of each other throughout the game to celebrate the historic milestone. in his carrer.

Now that he really realized the historical fact that he starred in, Guillermo Ochoa reported on his account to make a confession about America. “Always a pride to defend these colors,” he said and his wife soon sent him a strong comment full of emotion.

A series of applause emojis were enough to reveal the enormous happiness and pride that is for his family everything that Ochoa is doing not only on a football level, but also personally fulfilling his own dreams.