The two faces of Morata

1625614825 The two faces of Morata


07/07/2021 –

lvaro Morata met the two faces of football at Wembley. The first is that of the hero who saved his selection from elimination, and then went on to feel the blow of having missed one of the penalties of the decisive round. The forward showed his face at all times. From the whistles of Wanda to the need that Spain had to achieve a tie. There he was, on the lawn and showing that he is a more than remarkable footballer and that he does not wrinkle at anything.


Luis Enrique bet strong in the starting eleven. I left lvaro Morata on the bench. I decided to keep the Juventus striker awaiting his moment. Well, it came when he was painting worst for Spain.

The striker had warned minutes before, but the second time he faced Donnarumma he did not fail. If in the first he looked for the ball backwards, minutes later he showed his power to go vertically to the Italian goalkeeper, against whom the centrals could do nothing.

Morata missed his penalty and with him all of Spain

Along the way he met Dani Olmo with whom he associated perfectly. He raised his head and managed to beat the Milan exporter with a tight shot, against which he could do nothing.

It was the 80th minute and the goal did justice to what was being seen on the Wembley lawn. It meant Morata’s third goal in the Eurocup and the second for Italy. The fans surrendered to the Juve striker who came out determined to achieve a draw.

What nobody expected is that minutes later the savior of the selection was not going to hit Donnarumma in the launch from the fatal point. Unfortunately for him and for the national team, his display will be forgotten before the success of the new PSG goalkeeper at his launch and who put the Italian triumph on a tray. This is football, but the Spanish striker has shown that he has character and a lot of football.