The surprising revelation that Neymar made about his future

The 30-year-old striker thinks of a future far from Europe (REUTERS / Stephane Mahe)

In the midst of a season marked by injuries, Neymar seeks to re-enter the PSG of the stars At 30 years old, he has a contract with the French team until 2025, but he is already thinking about the steps he will take in the future. In an interview with the podcast phenomena, in which Ronaldo Nazario participates, the striker confirmed that he plans to shine again in Brazilian football. “I really want to play again for Santoswhat I really miss is playing in the town, my God, that wonderful stadium, “he said.

But first, plan a stopover. “I also really want to play in the United States, at least one season… It’s a short championship. You have three or four months of vacation, ha.”argued about the benefits of the MLS, which also promotes offensive football and that characteristic is linked to its sportsmanship.

Ney is coming off scoring a goal and missing a penalty in Nantes’ 3-1 victory against PSG in Ligue 1. He shouted after an assist from his friend Lionel Messi: he hooked and finished off expertly. But then, after infraction to Mbappé, he took charge of the throw from 12 steps, rehearsed a short run and… handed the ball to goalkeeper Alban Lafont.

Later, at minute 73, Mauricio Pochettino said “enough” and replaced him with Ángel Di María, who could not change the equation either.

In the podcast, he also referred to the particular situation that the Brazilian team is experiencing today: leader in the South American Qualifiers and qualified for the Qatar World Cup, they are unable to win over the fans, even more so after having lost the Copa América final. as local.

“When we win, the support is incredible, the love we receive from the Brazilian fans… There are no better than the Brazilian torcedores, they are wonderful, because when they are together, something incredible happens,” his gaze prolonged. “Today the Brazilian team is far from the fans. I don’t know what the reason is, I don’t know when that started, a lot of people don’t watch the games, or don’t know when the games are. It’s sad. There are many who today think that when the Brazilian team plays it is not important”, he expressed what happens with the cast led by Tite.

“I have the hope that the Brazilian torcedor will identify with the Brazilian team again, that we will be together”, he concluded, putting as a possible new beginning what happens in the World Cup, which will begin in November in Asia.


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The surprising revelation that Neymar made about his future