The shocking record that Messi set in Spain with his PSG debut and why Piqué and Ibai Llanos celebrated it from a distance

Messi, together with Paredes, in his presentation in the Parisian team (REUTERS / Benoit Tessier)

The debut of Lionel messi with the jacket of PSG on the 2-0 win over him Reims It was one of the great sporting events of 2021. For the entire football planet, including Spain, which lost one of its great beacons of attraction with its departure from Barcelona. The wound remains open, something that became clear yesterday at the Camp Nou, when 10 minutes into the duel against Getafe, the Blaugrana fans shouted “fucking PSG” due to the move of the idol, who wanted to remain in Catalonia, but the League’s regulations regarding financial Fair Play and the poor economic situation culé did not allow the agreement.

Well, sniffing the boom, the Kosmos Group (the company that belongs to Gerard Piqué), along with Enjoy Television, bought the television rights to French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 in Spain for the next three seasons. And offered the match for Telecinco and on Twitch, from the account of the famous streamer Ibai Llanos.

The impact was record: it became the most watched match in the history of Ligue 1 in Spain. On TV, it had 2,214,000 viewers. On the platform where Llanos is a star, 343,000 on average (560,000 peak) and more than two million in total. Piqué, Messi’s former teammate at Barsa and at the same time a businessman, celebrated the impact by publishing the information on his Twitter account and accompanying it with emojis of rockets taking off. “This is absolute madness only with people from Spain. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are very big”the streamer wrote on social media.

Piqué's post highlighting the repercussion of Messi's debut
Piqué’s post highlighting the repercussion of Messi’s debut

It is not the first time that Piqué bets on a similar initiative, and it is that he already did so this summer by broadcasting the Copa América on the channel of Twitch from Ibai Llanos. About 21 retransmissions in three weeks that exceeded the 100 thousand viewers.

However, this investment by Kosmos is considerably higher than that of the America’s Cup. Although the financial terms have not been made public, the previous Ligue 1 broadcast contract held by Movistar + did not exceed 2.5 million euros per year (3 million USD), and its current price could be around that figure.

Piqué will regret not having the Rosario star this season with Barcelona, ​​but at the same time his brilliance at PSG could make him earn money. At least that’s what the defender bet on. And the first sample button brought him back an auspicious record.