The Sheriff, the team that humiliated Real Madrid and you don’t even know where it’s from

Photo: AFP

A true David vs. Goliat lived at the Santiago Bernabéu on matchday 2 of the UEFA Champions League, as Real Madrid, one of the most important clubs in the world, fell to the unknown FC Sheriff Tiraspol with a score of 2 – 1.

The Sheriff is so modest that even some soccer fans don’t know which country’s league they play in, because he’s not one of the best known either.

The team plays in the league called Moldavian National Division, which is played in the Republic of Moldova, a small country of 2.6 million people located in Eastern Europe between Romania and Ukraine. The club’s headquarters is Transnistria, an internationally unrecognized country that declared its independence from Moldova in 1990.

Photo: AFP

FC Sheriff Tiraspol is a young club, as it was founded in April 1997 by the Sheriff security company and has since won 19 championships. His best streak is now as they have obtained six in a row. They currently occupy the third position in the table. In addition, it is the first time they have managed to qualify for the group stage of the Champions League, so they are the first team from Moldova to do so.

The economic difference between this team and Real Madrid is astronomical. According to data from ESPN, the meringues workforce is worth 793 million euros, while that of the Moldavian team is only 12 million euros.

The aforementioned media also points out that there is a great difference between the most expensive player in each club, because while Real Madrid’s is the Brazilian Carlos Casemiro, who has a value of 70 million euros, the Sheriff’s is Frank Castañeda whose value it is 1 million euros.

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

So wherever you look at it, Madrid are superior, however, on their own court they fell due to the scores of Jasurbek Yakhshiboev, in the 25th minute and Sébastien Thill in the 79th.

At the end of the match, Casemiro tried to justify his defeat against the small Moldovan club: “They have shot twice on goal and scored two goals. We have had twenty or more. You have to pay more attention, but there are ways to lose a game. We did a good job, their goalkeeper made a lot of saves. We have to congratulate them. “


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