The serious problems of Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus

ANDThe market takes the decisive part and there is still much to define. The Messi bomb It will not be the last and his traveling companion in the last decade, Cristiano Ronaldo, is not clear if his current team, Juve, will be his final location during the season that begins in Italy next week. The leaders of the Italian club doubt, CR7 doubts and the market is waiting for what may be the penultimate big move of the summer transfer period of 2021.

Juve does not escape the economic crisis that many other Europeans are experiencing and that has been reflected in the departure of Leo Messi from Barcelona. The market is not over yet and the Italian club is looking for solutions, which they cannot find. The new sports management has verified the existence of contracts that are very complicated to take on and even more so in the face of Allegri’s insistence to strengthen the team, especially with the signing of Locatelli and that of Pjanic.

Cristiano’s approach to Real Madrid

Paolo Morganti, director of operations and newcomer to the position, has encountered a complicated outlook. The coach’s desire to strengthen the team and to air out the locker room collides with reality. Cristiano Ronaldo does not escape the reality that Juve is not having its best moment. Months ago I tried an approach for his possible return to Real Madrid, but for the Bernabu they did not give the option to make any movement.

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Messi closed the door of PSG

The second option that was active was the possibility of PSG, a club that has been very attentive to the movements of Messi and CR7 in the last months. The arrival of the Argentine to Paris has closed the door of the Park of the Princes. On the sidelines, the forward has not received any proposal that he has considered interesting. In his gestures he denotes not feeling comfortable at all, but the competitive gene of the ex-madridista It will lead you to compete to the fullest in each game.

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United, another option that disappears

United also seemed to become interested in the forward, but right now the concern about Old Trafford is solve Pogba’s future, either renovating or preparing his departure from the club.

His last year of contract at Juve

For Turn they believe that the departure of the Portuguese could mean a positive change of scenery for the club. They know the importance of the forward but his departure will release a significant amount of money to undertake the reform or changes that Allegri requests on his return to Juventus.

The problem they are encountering is none other than the absence of proposals. The market is barely offering any major moves and the clubs seem willing to wait until the last minute. Do not forget that elite athletes only pay 25 percent of their salary, which aims to be 30 million euros per season.

Two weeks have Juve and CR7 to find a denouement of a story that began in the summer of 2018 and that it can end early. The pandemic and the dubious management is condemning many clubs and footballers to unwanted situations.