The sanction of the referee of the Brazil-Colombia game for not expelling Neymar



The Chilean judge had several failures in the qualifying match.

The Referees Commission of the Conmebol indefinitely suspended the Chilean judge Roberto Tobar, who served as central judge of the Brazil vs. Colombia, from the tie to Qatar World Cup 2022.

According to the entity, Tobar had several problems during the game, the maximum not having sent off Brazilian striker Neymar, who at minute 7 of the game had an unsportsmanlike action.

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The image of Neymar yelling at the judge went around the world, but Tobar, at that moment, did not show him the yellow card.

Square was also saved

Similarly, the referee is told not to take corrections with the Colombian Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, who at minute 26 of the commitment “made illegal use of his arm,” according to the commission.

At minute 74, again a play by Neymar was not sanctioned by the judge, who deserved a warning for indiscipline.


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The sanction of the referee of the Brazil-Colombia game for not expelling Neymar