The rematches to follow in the Clausura 2022 after the winter market

Players like Uriel Antuna, Rodolfo Pizarro or Jonathan dos Santos will seek to be protagonists in the Clausura 2022 to have their personal revenge

The Clausura 2022 is days to start and with important transfers in the transfer market, several players are waiting to have a rematch and be able to reach a good instance with their new club.

Then in ESPN Digital We present you the rematches to follow in the Clausura 2022.

Matchday 3

Date: January 22

Campus: BBVA Stadium

The containment got fed up with the attitude of the Cruz Azul board and did not renew the contract with the capital team because they did not want to let him go to other latitudes, so he came to Rayados and now he will want to show that he has the level to be able to prove to your ex-management that they let go of a full-fledged player.

‘Charly’ Rodríguez was also involved in the transaction, an element that was key in the actions of La Pandilla and who enjoyed regularity with Javier Aguirre and the technicians who directed him in the Monterrey team, but the board decided to open the door for him arrival of Luis Romo.

Now, the first time that these two elements of the national team will see their now former team will be very early in the tournament since the commitment is agreed for Day 3.

Matchday 3

Date: January 21st

Campus: Kraken Stadium

The Brazilian striker left the ranks of Mazatlán in the current winter market and will now defend the Toluca jersey in the search to return to the high level that he showed at the time with Gallos Blancos, a team that catapulted him into Mexican soccer.

Sanvezzo joins a Mexican team that also had several changes for the Clausura 2022 tournament since they parted ways with Hernán Cristante to give space to Ignacio Ambriz, who already knows what it is to be champion of the MX League and now both want to return to the scarlet to those steps.

It won’t take long for Camilo Sanvezzo to return to Sinaloa since the duel between choriceros and Mazatlán was scheduled for Matchday 3 and their match is scheduled for January 21.

Matchday 3

Date: January 22

Campus: Leon Stadium

One of the bastions of León in recent years left the emerald team to join the other team of the Pachuca Group, in which he will seek to regain the level that led him to be one of the best of his position in Liga MX and, even, to be considered for the Mexican National Team.

Navarro did not have many minutes due to various factors with Ariel Holan in a tournament in which they reached the final that they lost with Atlas and therefore it was time for decisions within the group, so now he will defend the colors of Pachuca.

The commitment between both teams will come very early in the tournament, on Matchday 3, and there the fans of the emerald club will have the opportunity to thank Navarro for everything he did for the institution.

Matchday 5

Date: February 12

Campus: Alfonso Lastras Stadium

The experienced player opted to change teams every time Ignacio Ambriz arrived in Toluca, a strategist with whom he had not enjoyed many minutes in the past and that is why Atlético de San Luis raised his hand to join him.

‘Sambu’ already wore the colors of the Potosí team in the preseason and it is expected that he will assemble an interesting dumbbell with Germán Berterame, one of the most important gunners in Mexican soccer the previous tournament.

Rubens will not have to immediately visit his former teammates and rather will be their host very early in the tournament when they meet at the Alfonso Lastras on February 12.

The rematches to follow in the Clausura 2022 after the1641438382 584 The rematches to follow in the Clausura 2022 after theGuillermo Almada

Matchday 12

Date: April 3

Campus: TSM Corona

It is rare to see a coach who consistently classifies his team for the big party and ends his working relationship with the group in question, but that is what happened with Guillermo Almada and Santos, who went their separate ways at the end of their participation in the Opening 2021.

Pachuca wasted no time after thanking Paulo Pezzolano and they immediately signed Almada, who at the time was also related to the Uruguay National Team.

It will not take long for the Santos Laguna fans to see Almada again, but now on another bench, since the Tuzos will visit lagoon lands at the beginning of April.

Matchday 14

Date: April 16th

Campus: Aztec stadium

The Mexican winger arrived at Cruz Azul this season with the goal of being the element that Juan Reynoso is looking for as a solution to depth problems. Antuna arrived from Las Chivas as part of an operation that included Alejandro Mayorga in exchange for Roberto Alvarado.

With the Rojiblancos, Antuna had several indisciplines and was not one of the fans’ favorites, so now with Cruz Azul he will have a second chance to show that he has quality and even fight for a place in the Mexican National Team for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. .

The match between Guadalajara and cement producers will be played late in the Clausura 2022, so they either have the opportunity to damage the classification of their former team to the final phase or a better position in the general table.

Matchday 14

Date: April 16th

Campus: University Stadium

The Uruguayan is very hungry to show himself. His departure from Tigres and his return to Toluca left him satisfied after he had no activity with the cats, neither with Ricardo Ferretti nor with Miguel Herrera. The South American did not enter into plans and returned to the club where he showed himself best and now he will seek to clarify the level he has.

The arrival of Sebastian Cordova to the set of San Nicolás de los Garza was another clear message that they did not have him and for that reason he returns to the Mexican painting.

Leo Fernández will be back at the ‘Volcán’ until mid-April at a time when he hopes to be fully consolidated with the team led by Ignacio Ambriz.

Matchday 16

Date: April 23rd

Campus: University Stadium

The clashes between America and Tigres already have several ingredients to follow, especially due to the confrontations in recent years, but now one more has been added when the Coapa club opened the door to Sebastián Córdova and the Northerners immediately threw all the meat on the grill for him.

Miguel Herrera, an old acquaintance in the capital’s team, immediately sought a meeting with his former player and now Córdova will try to show América that it was a mistake to let him out when just a few months ago they had awarded him the shirt with the number 10, but it was losing regularity with Santiago Solari.

The return of Córdova, the Azteca Stadium must wait until the next Apertura 2022, unless they are measured in the league, but while it will seek to get revenge for the Eagles in the final stretch of the championship in a duel that may have direct implications in the league.

Personal revenge

The midfielder, who was in the MLS in the last two years, will have the challenge of showing that he has the quality to earn a place in the Rayados squad, a club he will join for this Clausura 2020 and from which he went to American football.

Pizarro was champion with Monterrey, but his transfer to the neighboring country caused his level to be not optimal and even suffered him with the few calls for the national team.

In the last winter market he was also associated with Chivas, with which he also raised the Liga MX trophy. Pizarro and La Pandilla will be visiting the Sacred Flock until Matchday 12, a weekend after the Classic Regio at the ‘Volcán’.

With his first participation in Mexico, the youngest of the Dos Santos will play in the América de Santiago Solari and not only carries the pressure of being one of the best elements in the Azulcrema half, but also of surpassing what his brother, Giovani, did. with the team, as he left a bitter taste with his performances.


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The rematches to follow in the Clausura 2022 after the winter market