The Real Madrid traces the ‘depre’ of the PSG

ANDthe duel between PSG and Real Madrid measure two teams that clearly rule in their respective Leagues, but that come to the duel without the extra mattress that means staying alive in the national Cups of France and Spain. That leaves them without much margin before a tie that monopolizes the spotlights in the Champions and that leaving one of the two out of the fight for Orejona much earlier than expected in the offices of both clubs.

PSG fell just a few days ago against Nice, that knocked him out of the Coupe in the penalty shootout. An unexpected setback in the club park of the princes, that he is almost bound to win it all in Francegiven the enormous difference between its economic and sporting potential and that of its rivals.

Rain of objects when the bus arrives at San Mams, unacceptable!

Added to this situation are the shadows surrounding the performance of several of its stars, starting with a Messi which is light years away from the performance he offered for decades at the Bara, followed by a Neymar who has once again suffered a serious injury that has reduced his appearances this season to a minimum, and ending with a Ramos harassed by physical problems. He is saved, in sports, a Kylian Mbapp that he does not get rid of the noise that accompanies his future, which he paints, precisely, in Madridista white.

For Madrid, the situation is similar, although it can boast of having won a title, the Spanish Super Cup (PSG lost the Champions Trophy in August), but, on the contrary, its situation in the League is less comfortable than that of PSG, which takes eleven points to the second. Madrid is only four points ahead of Sevillaa more pressing rent.

“I’m going to give you an exclusive, Mbapp has already signed for Madrid”

Obviously, both teams play a good part of the season in the tie that starts next da 15 in the Park of the Princes. The pressure is almost higher for the PSGwho has spared no expense in finding a Champions that for the moment is still resisting. The hiring of Messi and its mixture with Neymar Y mbpp expectations for the Gallic club increase, and more so considering that the trident will break next summer, when Kylian emigrate to Bernabuexcept hecatomb.

For Madrid the situation is different, although the pressure always exists when the white club and the Champions League are combined. In case of falling, he would accumulate four years in a row without touching the Big-earedthe trophy that he endorsed almost exclusively among 2014 and 2018. Since then, its roof is the semifinals from last season, still under the command of Zidanea trajectory valued by the fans. But falling at the first intersection will, in all cases, be a very different story..

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The Real Madrid traces the ‘depre’ of the PSG