The profound message of Gisela Dulko after her scandalous separation from Fernando Gago who received the support of Isabel Macedo

Fernando Gago and Gisela Dulko, separated in the middle of a scandal

At the end of September, Cinthia Fernandez surprised by recounting the scandalous separation of Fernando Gago and Gisela Dulko. “He was unfaithful with his best friend, with someone from the group of moms from school”revealed the panelist from The Morning Angels, and then added that the former tennis player changed schools to her children Mateo, Antonella and Daniele. “All this takes place between the Los Castores neighborhood (Nordelta) and the Northfield school. Her children went there and now she changed them to a school in San Isidro ”.

Right away, the name of Veronica Laffite, who was a friend of the couple and would be the lover of the former soccer player, with whom he made official their relation, to the point that they would be living together. He also said that the woman had already been separated from her husband for some time, since rumors were loud in the neighborhood and at school that claimed that she had cheated on him, not only with the athlete, but with other parents at the school. .

Gisela Dulko and Isabel Macedo, close friends
Gisela Dulko and Isabel Macedo, close friends

The truth is that two weeks after this controversial break, neither Gago nor Dulko made public statements. Instead, they chose to express themselves on their social networks, with enigmatic messages or actions that show that things are not good between them. By case, the former footballer stopped following her on Instagram And, as if that were not enough, both deleted from their social networks all the photos in which they were seen together. However, so far she chose not to stop following him, making a difference between the two.

Days after the separation took public status and became a scandal, Gisela reactivated her Instagram account after six months. “So long”, wrote as a footnote to an image that hinted at a training routine, but that could also be read as a greeting on his reappearance. Days later, he shared another smiling image, and with the text: “Nice day over here”. And he completed his comeback on the social network with a picture from his childhood. And as in the previous posts, the message, longer and more explicit in this case, seems to also speak of their separation.

Gisela Dulko's sense of posting
Gisela Dulko’s sense of posting

The former tennis player shared a photo from 25 years ago, taken in Luján. “I won the national tournament and it had been less than a month since my dad passed away. That photo says that in life everything happens, and what beyond the difficulties, you never have to stop smiling“Dulko wrote next to the image in which she is seen smiling for sporting success, but with a hint of sadness over the recent death of her father. In addition, the former tennis player completed this uploaded to her stories a series of photographs of her beginnings in white sport.

The publication garnered comments by way of support and solidarity in this time that it has to live. Among them, the one of her close friend stood out Isabel macedo. “I love you with my soul,” wrote the former Floricienta, and it was reciprocated with a heart. The relationship between the former tennis player and the actress began when the former was already in a relationship with Gago and the latter had begun a relationship with Frederick The Pocho Insúa.

Gisela shared photos of her beginnings in tennis (Instagram)
Gisela shared photos of her beginnings in tennis (Instagram)

Both footballers were teammates in Vélez Sarsfield and their respective partners went to games together. In addition, they shared other activities that were strengthening their friendship. Later, Macedo separated from the now former soccer player, but the friendship between them remained to the point that the artist chose the athlete as the godmother of Isabelita, her daughter with Juan Manuel Urtubey.

Dulko and Gago got engaged in 2009 and two years later they were married with a spectacular party attended by more than 400 people. After getting married she gave up her tennis career and launched a clothing brand for boys. The repercussions of their separation reached the English press. She was a talented tennis player – she became number 1 in the world in doubles, and reached 26th place in singles in the world rankings – and he shone in European football, in addition to winning international cups defending the Boca Juniors shirt.