The Peruvian central defender who would be interested in America


International media assured that the defender is in the orbit of those of Coapa.

The azulcremas seek to renew their headquarters.
© picture 7The azulcremas seek to renew their headquarters.

America he made a movement that shook her spine. ANDThe club agreed with Emanuel Aguilera his departure from the institution as a free player so that he could settle with Atlas, a team in which he will play from this tournament Closing 2022 After four and a half years at the institution of Coapa.

Because of this, the bluecreams will have an untrained player place available in Mexico that they can use to hire another element in that area, which has been harshly criticized for its actions at the end of the previous semester and in which it has been considered that they need to be renewed.

As soon as confirmed Aguilera’s loss with the Millonetas, rumors about a possible incorporation began to emerge and one of them came from Spanish soccer, specifically from grenade. In this squad is the Peruvian central defender Luis Abram, who has not been able to consolidate himself in the team and is looking for options to leave.

In this regard, the journalist Franz Tamayo He posted on his Twitter account that “There is a possibility that Luis Abram will not continue in Granada. The Peruvian defender has ceased to be considered by coach Robert Moreno. Even the Nasrid team would be close to signing Arnau Comas, central defender of Barcelona B. Luis Abram is on the radar of America”, express.


Regarding this topic, Monumental Eagles was able to confirm that indeed America is interested in renewing its central defense with a new element, younger in the understanding that Aerie he is 32 years old; however, the bet is to look for a Mexican element in the national market that can establish itself in this position.


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The Peruvian central defender who would be interested in America