The panorama of the clubs facing the Liguilla

Liga MX will face its 15th day this weekend and with it, many positions could be inserted in the middle part of the tournament among the clubs that are looking for a place in the Liguilla. This Friday Mazatlán and Querétaro open a key day thinking about Liguilla and you can follow him on the Star + platform, that from October 22 to 24, the Star + platform will be free.

You can also see on Saturday, October 23 at 5:00 p.m. CDMX you can enjoy Puebla vs. León with La Fiera fighting to climb to the top of the General Table and La Franja in the hope of getting a place in the Repechage.

On Sunday 24 at 7:00 p.m. in Mexico City, the followers of the Athletic of San Luis they will enjoy in Star + the game against the Rojinegros of Atlas that continue to occupy the top positions in the rankings.

With teams that have nine points still to be played and as many that still have a more pending game, we present the panorama at the close of the Apertura 2021.


The best prospect for the feathered team is to win their last game this weekend against Tigres. This result would ensure the leadership of the Apertura 2021.

The worst scenario that Santiago Solari’s team has is to lose the last three commitments and with a combination of results to get out of


The red-black team is experiencing its best tournament in decades and its best panorama is to win their matches and wait for America to succumb to be able to snatch the leadership from them.

Their worst scenario is losing against the coleros of the table and letting the direct qualification slip away, since behind them they have squads like Tigres, Toluca, Monterrey, Cruz Azul and León.


The cats could aspire to the leadership, since they have a direct game with the leader America. If they manage to win and America falls into crisis they could tie them on points and the goal difference could weigh in the end.

The worst scenario is having to lose their commitments and their ticket to the quarterfinals is sought not only in play-offs, but also as a visitor.


They still have hopes to aspire to the leadership, but Hernán Cristante’s team is on a negative streak, so now they will have to think about returning to victory and establishing themselves in the top four.

His worst scenario is losing all the games and only rescuing one of the last places in the play-off and facing the favorite teams for the title such as Monterrey, Cruz Azul or León.


Javier Aguirre’s team has three setbacks in a row, but a good run can still project them to second place.

The worst scenario for Rayados is to succumb to Necaxa and Atlético de San Luis and hence be at risk of getting out of the playoffs.


The Machine is not at its best, but it has five league games without a loss, so a winning streak and combination of results can take them to a third or fourth place. The worst thing that could happen to La Maquina is losing all three games and finishing between eighth and 12th place.


With one game less in the Apertura 2021, the emerald team could catch up with the leader America in case of a combination of results.

The worst thing is to be among the last places to access Liguilla, since they face two rivals looking for a direct place, Cruz Azul and Toluca at the end of the tournament.


The Rebaño has suffered ups and downs in the tournament, but they could still dream of a direct qualification should they win their commitments and expect some defeats from Monterrey and Toluca.

The worst thing that could happen to them is losing the rest of their games and running out of Liguilla, since they are only three units from Pachuca, which has 15 units.


The Strip could still aim for 27 points by the close of the tournament, even fighting for a second, third or fourth place.

The worst thing that could happen to those from Angelópolis is to be left out of the play-offs, since they have games scheduled against Toluca, León and Juárez.


The Potosinos are fully involved in the fight for a place in the Liguilla, even being able to reach one of the last direct qualification positions, since they have a pending game.

The worst scenario they have is not to advance to a play-off, since on their calendar there are two strong rivals, Monterrey and León, while the Tuzos are still looking for a play-off position.


Beñat San José arrived and gave Mazatlán hope of reaching its first Liguilla in its time of existence. Therefore they would have to win their next three games to even reach 26 points.

The worst thing is that they can lose, since being in position 11 of the table any setback could take them out of the repechage.


They still have 12 points to play, so they could go up to 28 units. In this case, they can aspire to a direct place, although they would need a greater combination of results.

Just as they are hoping to advance, they are also in the most dangerous area of ​​the table, as they could descend to the bottom of the table.


The best outlook for the Tuzos is to win their three games and their pending game to get fully into the fight for a place in the Liguilla. Mathematics and possibilities can lead Hidalgo to a direct qualification. In addition, three of his four games to play are against rivals who are in the lower part of the table.

The worst scenario that Paulo Pezzolano’s team has is that his irregularity manifests itself in recent dates and not be part of the Liguilla.


The Roosters have begun to sing in the second round and add two victories and three draws in the last five days, so they could climb even more in the qualification if they succeed and also fight to receive the playoff game at home.


The frontiersmen still have the opportunity to reach 24 points, but this day will be very important, since direct qualification can get out of their hands. Given this, Ricardo Ferretti’s team will have to seek classification, they are also one point away from getting into the reclassification fight.

The Braves have games of a lot of drama, since they will play against Pachuca, Puebla and Tigres, the latter, the team that saw Ricardo Ferretti triumph as a strategist in Liga MX.


The hydro-warm team cannot miss any point and that would be their best scenario. To be able to reach 23 points and be among the reclassification teams.

The pessimistic point is that their matches ahead are not easy, since they visit Monterrey and León and host Mazatlán.


Andrés Lillini’s team still has four games ahead and with this they could reach up to 25 points, a figure that seems like a dream due to the bad step they have had in the Apertura 2021. Even so, it is possible that they can get there.

The worst scenario is to draw or lose against Tijuana, Pachuca or Santos, since no rival is dead in this Liga MX.


Being coleros and with only one win, the best they could do is close the tournament with three wins, although their hopes are practically nil they require a combination of many results.

The worst, beyond being coleros, is not adding more victories that make them finish their participation in the semester with dignity.


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The panorama of the clubs facing the Liguilla