The ordeal of Kroos and pubalgia: “I have played six months with pain”


09/27/2021 –

Toni Kroos has spoken of its delicate pubalgia that has not allowed him to debut so far this season with Real Madrid. However, he is already in the final stretch of his recovery and hopes to be ready for the game of Champions League before the Sheriff.

“My last game was on June 29, at the European Championship, so I have to gain a little rhythm. But the most important thing is that it doesn’t bother me much … I’ve played six months with pain “, the 31-year-old says. He also believes that he will enter the call, although he is cautious: “Tomorrow I will speak with Ancelotti and, if he considers it risky and prefers to wait, I will listen to him and we will analyze it.”

His presence would mean the end of an ordeal that began in March, as he has recognized in his interview with GOAL. “I knew that if I continued playing I would reach the point of not being able to do it anymore, butIt was very difficult to stop because I had to play the quarterfinals and semifinals of the Champions League, then the Eurocup... It was very difficult for me to stop, “says the midfielder.

It was very difficult to stop because I had to play the quarterfinals and the semifinals of the Champions League, then the European Championship …

Despite what happened, Kroos did not consider going under the knife, not even when when he returned from vacation, things went wrong: “It hadn’t improved a bit and we had to stop “. “It is an injury that is difficult to improve if you do nothing … I am badly injured, you only have to ask our physios, I am not happy and I always give everything to get back as quickly as possible.”

To finish, Kroos appreciated the draw against Villarreal on Saturday at the Bernabéu. “If you play every three or four days it is normal that you do not always win, even if you do it very well. The important thing is that the matches that are not perfect we do not lose “, explained.