The new Hazard: happy, liberated, protected and convinced of being important again

LLast operation you underwent hazard on March 25, for the removal of the osteosynthesis plate that was in the right fibulaIt has been a turning point. There is a Hazard before and a Hazard after. A tiny piece of metal had become a major problem. The Belgian lived with a permanent annoyance and with some physical problems that last season came to drive him crazy after chaining six muscle injuries.

the last season hazard he has hardly been injured, but he has hardly played because failed to find his best level. He started as a starter and little by little almost all his fellow attackers overtook him: Vinicius, Rodrygo, Asensio… Until Mariano and Jovic at times they were starters before the Belgian. It was no longer just a physical issue, but also a mental one.

Without the badge, Hazard is a completely new player. “He is happy and convinced that he can be the same as before”, they assure in Madrid. It was late to the end of the season, but he has been training at a high level for weeks and, above all, completely freed from the annoyances that tormented him. She has lost weight and has regained her joy.

“It is possible that the player suffered from certain anomalies when running and that he feels better physically and mentally. Now the great challenge that lies ahead is to get in shape to compete again at the top level that a team like Real Madrid demands,” says Dr. Peter Louis Ripoll. Something that will begin to be seen these days with Belgiumin four games that will be a litmus test for Hazard and his goal of being important again.

Hazard’s promise to Real Madrid: “Next year…”

a release

Hazard is a beloved player in the squad. He is integrated into a locker room that has supported him in difficult times and that now he sees as his partner begins to come out of the long tunnel in which he was stuck. The image of the Champions League party in Cibeles explains all this. Hazard said what he said because he really thinks about it (“Madridistas, I’ve been here for three years with many injuries, with many things… But next year I’m going to give everything for you,” he assured) and the reaction of his classmates making a pineapple with him it is because they are also convinced that this is how what was seen in the last training sessions will be seen.

Days after Hazard insisted on his purpose because it looks goodfeels that something has changed for the better and that he is convinced that his body is ready to see the best version of the Belgian star. “All the conditions are met so that I can play my football. I no longer have ankle problems, this or that. Everything is in order. I will have a good physical and mental preparation to be ready for next year,” she assured.

The conversation between Hazard and Roberto Carlos that excites: “I need the team”

An ordeal

hazard not only has he lived through a nightmare with injuries since he arrived at Madrid, but a nightmare unknown to him because until then his career had been practically free of physical mishaps, except for an ankle injury he suffered in the Chelsea.

In Madrid it has been where he entered a vicious circle of injuries that cornered him, that took him away from the ownership and almost from the team, since his future at times has been in the air. He has barely played 40% of the games with Madrid after 14 injuries and 534 days off and his level has always been far from expected.

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The new Hazard: happy, liberated, protected and convinced of being important again