The mystery that unleashed the television in which Lionel Messi saw the game of the futsal team: how the device works and how much it costs

The Argentine futsal team qualified for the semifinals of the World Cup in Lithuania after beating Russia in a dramatic penalty shootout after drawing 1-1 in regulation time and, from France, Lionel messi he did not want to miss it.

The captain of the Argentine soccer team published an image on his Instagram account in which He could be seen with Antonela, Mateo and Thiago watching the game from a comfortable armchair: “Vamoooooosss !!!” celebrated, accompanying the post with a emoji of the Argentine flag and three palms applauding what was the tense definition.

The image quickly went viral and several appeared on social networks. users surprised to see the photo you shared the former Barcelona player for a curious detail: what is seen seems to be the reflection of the television in a mirror and many could not understand where the TV was located in the living room of your new home in paris.


After the unknown and the great debate that was generated in this regard, some managed to hit the key by ensuring that it was a “Mirror TV”: a TV embedded in a mirror that can do both to perfection.

As explained by the website Amalio Russo, a company dedicated to the creation of exclusive furniture, this artifact “is a mirror that turns into television and combines the highest technology with the most sophisticated decoration ”.

“At first glance it is a decorative mirror, but turns into clear glass at the push of a button, allowing you to watch television. This is thanks to an electronic device inside that sensitizes the glass through a sensor and reveals the image behind it ”, explained the company about how the mechanism is.

As established on its official website, the British firm Picture Frame quoted a 75-inch specimen on 5 thousand dollars that could amount to nine thousand if the customer wants a specific type of TV or “premium” mirror frame.


After the triumph, Lionel Messi He will be able to cheer on the Argentine futsal team again next Wednesday September 29, when they face nothing more and nothing less than Brazil from 2:00 p.m. (Argentina time) at the Zalgiris Arena in Kaunas. So far, the Brazilians are the top winners of the contest with five titles, followed by Spain with two.

It should be noted that the other quarter-final keys will be held this Monday, September 27 with an unmissable duel between Spain and Portugal on the first shift. At the close of the day, Iran will clash with Kazakhstan.