The Messi are looking for a home in Paris: the requirements of the family, the palace they visited and the sudden increase in price

The Messi family seeks a home in France (sportune)

Lionel messi seems to be one hundred percent adapted to the star-studded roster that the Paris saint germain. After his debut in Ligue 1, the Argentine star refines some situations linked to everyday life while living with the Champions League debut against Bruges in Belgium.

However, just over a month after landing, the flea and his family have not yet found the house of their dreams within the French capital and they are still guests of the luxurious five-star hotel Le Royal Monceau, an establishment that is located at 37 Avenue Hoche and was renovated by the famous designer Philippe Starck.

Le Royal Monceau, the hotel chosen by the Messi family to spend their first days in Paris (raffles)
Le Royal Monceau, the hotel chosen by the Messi family to spend their first days in Paris (raffles)

Although this establishment has many points in its favor, such as its location (500 meters from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysées) a 23-meter long pool, gym, spa and several world-class restaurants, the Messi are looking for heat and the tranquility of a home.

As reported by the French media RMC Sport, Antonela Roccuzzo took the reins of the search for a new home Because the footballer was away from France for several days to play the triple FIFA Date with the Argentine team.

One of the areas targeted was the exclusive neighborhood of Neuilly-sur-Seine, a commune located in the department of Altos del Sena, where the wealthiest families of the capital reside. There was one property that ticked all the boxes, but a last minute twist cut short the negotiation. This French media maintains that the owner of the mansion He chose to increase the rent by 10,000 euros when he found out that the interested party was Lionel Messi.

The Pink Palace, one of the properties that Antonela Roccuzzo (sportune) visited
The Pink Palace, one of the properties that Antonela Roccuzzo (sportune) visited

Three real estate agencies would be working piecemeal to find the dream property for Argentines. This “battle” would be being waged by Daniel Féau, Haussmann Prestige and Barnes. The family has been offered property to rent or buy.

The property, as defined RMC, has to have certain non-negotiable features, such as an indoor pool, gym, rooms for Thiago, Mateo and Ciro, protected parking, garden and air conditioning.

Faced with the complications of finding a place in Neuilly-sur-Seine, the search was extended to areas near the Camp des Loges, the PSG training center (Neymar is one of the athletes who chose this option). RMC maintains that within this exclusive list Two properties appear in the Chatou neighborhood, two in Bougival and six in Le Vésinet.

“Mrs. Roccuzzo does not validate anything before revisiting the place with her husband. She says ‘it’s beautiful and that she loves it’. She is very kind and polite, “said a source from the aforementioned French media.

One of the rooms of the Pink Palace (sportune)
One of the rooms of the Pink Palace (sportune)

Antonela Roccuzzo would have visited a Le Vésinet palace, which is valued at 48 million euros and it is only 15 minutes from the training ground. Yahoo Sport and Sportune They add that it is the famous Palais Rose (Pink Palace), inspired by the Grand Trianon. Among its main characteristics are that it has with 30 rooms, 11 rooms, of which four are suites, 2000 square meters, a concierge, rooms for all staff, garages, a cinema, an indoor pool, gym, Jacuzzi, a 500 m² guest house and even a squash court. It was built in 1900.

“Calm and serenity are the supreme luxury of this sublime palace located just twenty minutes west of Paris. Located in the luxurious Ibis Parc du Vésinet, this Grand Trianon-inspired palace, listed as a historic monument, offers 2,000 m² of family and entertaining space in the basement, garden and ground floor. The farm includes the main villa where there are several reception rooms, four suites, a cinema, a games room, an indoor pool and a squash court, as well as a gym ”, reports the real estate agency in the sale publication of this property .

Among some of its most famous owners was the renowned poet Count Robert de Montesquiou (between 1908 and 1921). It also housed General Charles de Gaulle, en route to the Fourth Armored Division, between May 12 and 15, 1940. A plaque inside the property commemorates this occasion.